Aqua GH Part time or Sandstone GH City??


Which should I get?

  1. Sandstone GH City

  2. Aqua GH Part Time

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am in a pickle!! Which shoudl I get? I can only get one right now ... The sandstone is soooooooooo classy and timeless in GH while the aqua is .. well .. soooo ME!! I love the pt - gh combo and the aqua color is just delicious!! .. the sandstone on the other hand is a city and I simply think the gh with sandstone is TDF!!! .. it is not a matter of NEED it is a matter of WANT and I WANT them BOTH!! haha .. I am not a neutral color girl ... so a sandstone would be my frist neutral bag but it is stunning! .. but the aqua is just gorgeous!!

    Which would YOU choose?
  2. A sandstone GH PT would be perfect, I think - the sandstone is breathtaking with the GH. But between the two you're choosing between, I'd go with the aqua GH PT. The color is beautiful too. (I much prefer the PT over the city - but I think I'm in the minority on that one.)
  3. I am with you too!! :smile: I love the PT!! .. Let's see what some other people say too!!
  4. Well- in my opinion the blue one will satisfy your craving for that aqua thirst, and although the sandstone is a beauty, I would be terrified by it's light colored-ness.... I just couldn't handle dark handles- KWIM? It would drive me insane. Sure the aqua would darken but in a more complementing way than the sandstone..... BUT that's just MO. ;)
  5. another vote for aqua from my new friend ;) .. keep them coming ladies!!
  6. Aqua is so much prettier IRL than in photos. There is a complexity to the color that just can't be captured in print.

    Having said that, you'd be really surprised how many colors match Aqua! It goes lovely with summer colors (yellow, white) and winter colors (red, brown, black). The only color I wouldn't wear it with would be orange, purple or green. Aqua is dreamy!!!
  7. hmm another one for aqua from our one and only LG!! :smile: ... who else would like a say in my final choice? haha
  8. I love Sandstone and I much prefer the City style over the PT style.. however, I think I prefer the Aqua w/GH than I do the Sandstone w/GH...
  9. hmmm.... thats a hard one... can you get both? :graucho:... I'm in the process of also deciding on sandstone GH City... although I have fallen in :heart: with PT.... very hard... the aqua is an amazing color from the pics... I'd go with Sandstone... since the city with GH have really grown on me in the past few days... good luck!
  10. I voted SS City but I agree that the SS GH PT would be even better! Of course that's because I have one and it is totally my favorite "new" bag. The SS color does NOT show dirt! Mine is not light at all and I feel like I can rough and tumble with it and it's fine. I personally find the Aqua to be a little much with the GH but that's just me. It's gorgeous, yes, but I don't know, I just can't handle it.
  11. Another vote for aqua part time. I love the size of this bag and the aqua is so beautiful! Go for it!
  12. I voted for Aqua. Judging by your post, I think it would be the one you'd enjoy the most. I tend to go for more neutral colors in general, but for some reason with bbags, it's the bright colors that call to me... and aqua is GORGEOUS!
  13. I voted for Sandstone.

    Sandstone is just breathtaking and the color makes GH elegant.....SS/GH is my favorite combo for GH. I think this would be a great neutral to have:heart: But judging by the voice of your thread, you seem to really want Aqua instead.

    Think about which one would better suit your style... and go with the one you love the most!
  14. I love the PT versitility and the way LG decribed the sounds magical. From what you shared, it sounds like Aqua is closer to the heart of who you are....I'd stay true to who you are .... go with Aqua. Good Luck's a hard choice...they are both impressive combos to say the least.
  15. I guess it depends on what you already have and what's in your wardrobe, but I think Sandstone is one gorgeous color!