1. Has anybody purchased an Aquamarine GH Day. If so, could you share the pictures.

    I really dont want to buy it without having seen it - but my brother is in PAris and he is useless at description. He kept on saying 'Its cool' and 'If you like it, get it' loool..

    So anybody out there with picturess pleasee share. BALPARIS are useless when it comes to pictures and I dont know anyone at BALNY ..

    sooo sil vous plait et merci beaucoup.

  2. nobody?
  3. LOL! Sorry I can't help you on I don't own one..but that's cute of your brother...sounds like what my bro or hubby would say! I do think it would look gorgeous as I think the aqua and GH combo is the BEST!!! But can your bro perhaps take pics w/his cell? But if it was possible you would have had him do it, I guess... I'm not too helpful, huh?
  4. aww thanks mintpearl! you have been helpful. I have suggested my bro to take photos - but BALPARIS are being a pain and wont allow him... ohh welll