Aqua Color

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  1. Hi All,

    I hope all is well! I was wondering if someone had any images of the Mulberry Aqua color in the small classic grain?

    I feel like this is a chameleon color and every website shows a different version of Aqua.

    Would LOVE to see some spy pics or pictures of any ones Aqua items before I take the plunge ;)

    Thanks in advance!! :heart:
  2. Marjan79 posted a pic of her accessories in the following thread earlier this month

  3. The color is pretty accurate to the reveal photos - saw it in the store today - it's very vibrant and a perfect spring color ️
  4. Thanks ladies! Wondering if I should take the plunge on an SBS or wait it out to see if it makes the sale

  5. I would personally wait for the sale, but depends if you can hold out - there's still a few months to go ️

  6. That's what I'm thinking as well. I'd hate to buy at FP now when it will get discounted in a few months.

    The sales usually around June right?

  7. I prefer waiting for sales, you get more for your money ️ yes, I think they start around mid June but keep an eye out!!