Aqua color mac lambskin leather?

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  1. Hi I am new to Rebecca Minkoff I was just wondering does anyone know if the Aqua color mac clutch is Lambskin leather or cowhide? Thanks in advance
  2. I have the aqua nikki from last year and it is the most wonderful lambskin ever.
  3. This is the info I collected when I was searching for a MAC.

    I typed in aqua and aquamarine into the search function - it will show you a lot of info - most of it provided by Tx.

    Aquamarine - came out first - glazed - gold hardware - birdie lining.
    Turquoise - came out second - antique silver hardware (some people incorrectly refer to it as gunmetal) - polka dot lining - cow - slightly pebbled maybe
    Aqua - came out third - silver hdw - polka dot lining - a little distressed - lambskin - similar to distressed blk

    (some retailers advertise Aquamarine as Aqua and vice versa (Endless does and AA) - the hardware will tell you which one it is - and maybe a close up of the leather)
  4. Hi ladies - how do you take care of your Aqua Mac lambskin? It scratches so easily, will it get worst?
  5. Just a note about the 3rd one. It is called Aquamarine. The 4 letter color code though, is AQUA.

    Some people said their tags said the name itself was Aqua, so I'm guessing they either read the code and thought that was the name, or the factories weren't consistent.

    I think she did make a color called Aqua around the same time as the lambskin one though, and maybe an older one.
  6. Here's a pic of the tag on mine:

    Top is product code. Second line is the actual name.

    Here's the tag on the perforated version:,372639997,372640042,372640075,372640103,372640142,372640180,372035935,372035946&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0
    I wouldn't be surprised if they shortened the color name on this one to get it to fit on the line.

    Both these leathers came out at the same time, last summer.
  7. Confusing! My Rocker is the 3rd one.
  8. I think my Mac is the 3rd one too. Does yours scratch easily? How can we prevent it?