Aqua Club

  1. I just got my Aqua City in today and wanted to start this thread to see everyones great colored Bbags! Show them off girls/guys!
  2. here's mine! :heart:

  3. Yay, AquaTwin!

    Here is my Aquamarine City. Love this bag so much! :heart:



  4. I can't wait to join this Club! I'm just waiting for the Fedex Carrier Pigeon to deliver my Aqua Work!
  5. Sorry to go OT, but stylefly, everytime you mention FedEx and your aqua work I end up falling about laughing. Carrier pidgeon......:roflmfao: :back2topic:
  6. Is the french name of this color Cobalt or is it a different color? thanks
  7. ^Yes, the french name is cobalt. :yes:
  8. Thanks!! nice color, i'm buying it tomorrow!
  9. ^Woohoo we got another member! Post pics!
  10. I will but my collection is still quite small!
  11. wow!nice color!
  12. Big, small,... we love them all! :heart:

    Also welcome to tPF!:yahoo:
  13. Here's mine: Aquamarine compagnon!!!

    The color is a deeper and darker aquamarine with more green in it than some I've seen here on tPF.

    I LOVE IT! :love: It's really a pretty big wallet (bigger than I anticipated!)...can totally pass for an evening clutch as well...
    DSC02587.JPG DSC02588.JPG
  14. I love how the color is never the same :smile: It makes finding your special bag even more special :smile:
  15. mintpearl, did you get your Aqua wallet from hgbags? I was wanting one that she had but someone snagged it before I could. I LOVE IT!