aqua city vs. magenta city

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if you could only have one which one would you like?

  1. 07 aquamarine city

  2. 07 LE magenta city

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ok... continuing on with my other post about how hard it is to be a bal newbie, here's a poll for you. :P

    if you can only have one, what would you rather have?

    07 aquamarine or 07 LE magenta?

    i mostly wear jeans and am not "scared" of bright colors. blue and pink have always been my two favorite colors so it's hard for me to decide!

  2. I'm a bal newbie like you, but i really fall in love with magenta colour, so.... 07 LE magenta:heart:
  3. You honestly would score with either! :smile: Gun to my head, I'd pick's bright and TOTALLY versatile. Magenta is very versatile too, but I'd say a teeny tiny bit less so than aqua.
  4. if you love pink, i would say the magenta. but if you wear a lot of pink, i would say the aqua :smile:
  5. I love both, but, Aqua is more versatile IMO. :yes:
  6. I love both colors. To be honest, as purse pooh said, the acqua is more versatile. I have a magenta day and love it, trying to get an acqua brief (no luck) :crybaby:
  7. I just ordered an aqua City. I think the darker turqouis in the bag makes it a softer blue...but the brightness is so pretty. I think it would look great with any color (especially white, yellows, browns, etc). Kinda like that "I've been lounging around in a beach cabana all day long" look. Anyhow, I live in Miami so I'm partial to beautiful ocean colors.

    I thought you already had an aqua though?
  8. Aqua!! All the way!! :yes:
  9. I agree that aqua is more versatile. I think both colors are incredibly pretty, but it will be easier to find clothes to wear with aqua.
  10. yes i do have an aqua. i ordered a magenta so i'm trying to decide if i should keep both or sell my aqua (or magenta). the complexity of the bal world! :P

    thank you all for your votes/opinions. keep them coming!
  11. I say Aqua! I have both and I haven't even used my Magenta yet!:wtf:
  12. I would say magenta. Bal makes a TON of blues, and they're all lovely. You're bound to fall for another blue, but they aren't that big on pinks. Who knows when the next beautiful pink colour will come around?

    I'm planning to buy a magenta and I'm imagining how great it will look with navy, white and black...
  13. I have had both colors and love both colors so much! This is too hard of a decision, but I went with Magenta. Just because Balenciaga is always coming out with blues and there are already similar Balenciaga past colors. Also Magenta is a LE, so it might be harder to find down the road eventually; at least in brand spankin’ new condition. But if you can definitely keep BOTH!!!

    Here are the colors side by side if that helps make your decision easier...
  14. :heart:
    I would go for the Magenta because it is a limited edition bag originally from 2005, besides it being a gorgeous color. It's also my personal opinion that although the aqua is pretty it is more subdued like 05 Teal rather than bright and vibrant like 05 Turquoise and Magenta. The vibrant colors go awesome with any wardrobe but especially they jazz up jeans and black clothes too! Here's a picture of my Magenta City and a family photo with my Turquoise and Magenta City's in the middle row. Maybe there is a pf-er out there that has both bags and can share photos of them side by side. Haha, I see someone has done just that above! That would be great for helping you decide! Let us know what you decide and please share photos when you get it!

  15. Aqua :yes:

    Wasn't there a pic of you carrying yours? You looked GREAT with it! Magenta may be more "rare", but I'm not in love with it...