Aqua city in rh or natural city in gh? Which to choose?

  1. Okay, this is the dilemma. Daisy at Balny has (and thanks for the referal to her nanaz) an aqua city w/ rh for me. My dilemma is should I get the aqua now or get a natural city w/ gh? I am going to Las Vegas in May and I thought I could buy the aqua now and get the natural in Vegas. Do you think that it will still be available? Which one is harder to find? I am just afraid that if I wait on the aqua, it will be sold out in May. The leather on the natural bags has been amazing... what should I do? BTW, I know that this is not a real problem. It's a fun fashion dilemma. :shrugs:
  2. Shasta -- if you can find even one Natural City with GH in the entire world, I think you should go and buy some lottery tickets too! LOL. I called literally every single retailer in the United States, searching for the Natural GH City and no one has it. No one knows if they'll be getting more either. Not even LVR (which has Natural in the Giant Brief) has any Cities left.

    I swoon for both the aqua and the natural GH city so you can't go wrong with either. But the aqua is DEFINITELY going to be more attainable versus the natural!

    PS -- I recenty ordered my "next best" which was the Natural GH Brief from shipping through the end of March! Plus, prices at LVR are lower than retail prices in the U.S.

    ETA: as of last week, there was ONE Natural Gh City on eBay but the seller was asking a ridiculous BIN $2195, OBO! I tried making an offer that I *thought* was generous but was quickly rejected.
  3. KristyDarling - how much will you have to pay in customs from LVR? Will it make up the difference you saved?
  4. I know there is a Natural GH City listed on eBay right now & one with RH. (No I'm not the seller!)
  5. Oops, nevermind Kristy, I just read the end of your post!
  6. I bought a bag from LVR and still saved over $100 after paying the FedEx customs bill. I really recommend them. My bag arrived quickly and I love it!