Aqua city arrived today from BalNY!! Pics.

  1. I finally got my aqua city with rh. I am really impressed with the leather, it's soooo soft. The color is a greenish/teal blue, very pretty. Here she is!
    aquacity.jpg aquacity2.jpg aquacity3.jpg aquacity4.jpg
  2. I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU! Don't you just love it?!:nuts: I LOVE the color of yours! Make sure and take pics in the day light tomorrow so I can see the color that way, too! CONGRATS it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Wow. It's so pretty. I'm sticking with conservative colors right now, but will venture into these gorgeous vibrant colors in the near future. First off, after my anthracite TWIGGY and my newly arrived GH black clutch, I need to recuperate (financially) for a while!:p
  4. :drool: Wow!!! *jaw drops*

    That's a lovely shade. Congrats kitten! All the people getting Aqua cities lately have been making me want one soooo bad!
  5. Here is a pic in a different lighting.
  6. I :heart: it!! It's gorgeous!! It looks very green, I don't know if its my laptop or what - but its fantastic!!! Isn't Aqua great!! :yes:
  7. Would you say that the color of your bag in the pics are pretty accurate if you see it in person? I've never seen Aquamarine looking like that, very green...which I love!!! And it almost looks like Emerald

    Love it! :yahoo:
  8. It looks a little less green but very teal like in my house lighting. I'll take some pics tomorrow in the daylight and we'll see. I just picked it up tonight at ups and it was already dark.
  9. The pics look like a beautiful emerald ocean - it makes me want to go back to the Caribbean!
  10. wow! absolutely gorgeous! that is one of my favorite colors!
  11. It must have been the camera, it looks more green depending on the light. Here are some much more accurate pics of the color on my husband's camera.:yahoo:
    aqua2.jpg aqua1.jpg
  12. It's still very pretty!
  13. [​IMG]
    Wow! Love both colors! Which one is truest? Beautiful bag!
  14. The second picture is much more true, although the color does have a lot of green undertones.
  15. Congrats, it's beautiful! I love Aquamarine!