Aproposboutique.com - Happy New Year / 30% Off Entire Purchase

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    Join us in ringing in the new year in style. Use coupon code NY30 from now until January 4, 2008 and get 30% off on your entire purchase.
    Happy New Year!
  2. jinx!
  3. :confused1::confused1:

  4. Oh!! HEHE!! I get it now grechen! I just saw where you posted the same sale just two minutes after I did! Great minds think alike. :tup: We're on the same wavelength.
  5. Their Moni bags are all on sale, plus 30% off. Good deal. I've had my eye on an Eden for a while. Might have to order one . . . :drool:
  6. Oh no... I had never even heard of Moni Moni... Yet another bag to stalk until I have it in my hot little hands... :graucho:
  7. Fortunately for my pocketbook they are Out of Stock on the Caramel Splendor...
  8. Yeah, I saw that they are out of stock on the Splendors. You might be able to preorder though. I noticed that they have the satchel in caramel though, which I might consider getting too. I think I might like that style better than the Splendor actually.

  9. That IS nice!! I wonder if I can still get the 30% discount with a pre-order...