1. going to Vegas in April......what should I get?? Please stick to the list as I have a budget!!

    1. mono pochette & cles/rabat/ludlow/Porte Monnaie Accordeon (how much is this one??)
    2. damier pochette & cles/ludlow
    3. azur pochette & cles (do they make ludlow in azur??)
    4. damier navona & cles/ludlow
    5. damier trousse & cles/ludlow

    right now the only LV I have is mono coussin & mono french purse wallet.

    so which purse do you recommend and with what small wallet??

    also any idea how much the porte-cartes simple in damier is??
  2. If u got mono, i would go with 3. azur pochette & cles! or get Damier pochette and Azur cles..:yes:
  3. Damier Navona + Azur cles.
  4. Damier azur, number 3, or what gergirl wrote:

    sounds so cute!
  5. Azur pochette and azur cles
  6. 2. damier pochette & cles/ludlow or
    3. azur pochette & cles (do they make ludlow in azur??)

    how i know they didn't make the ludlow in azur,not yet.
  7. 3333!
    i love azur!
  8. Number 3.
  9. Number 3 and buy it from the LV shop at the Wynn-- absolutely the BEST service I' ve ever had at LV. Ask for Edward. He is super knowledgeble, friendly and will work patently with you as you look at all your different combinations. He will also have some terrific suggestions--combinations you might not have thought of. He also been selling high-end leather goods for 20plus years. He knows his stuff!
  10. any more ideas??
  11. 3. azur pochette & cles
  12. does anyone here own the trousse?? It's listed under makeup bag but has a strap, so could it function as a pochette??
  13. own one, use it as a makeup bag, but have used it as a pochette...plenty big enough for evenings out...hths!
  14. Number 3! ;)
  15. I say just go....and by april maybe new things will be in....check them all out and get whatever excites you at that time. It's fun to have a list...but also fun to browse.:smile: