April showers, May flowers & Mulberry bags

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  1. Call me nuts(again ;) )--but I love seeing mulberry bags near flowers.
    And Spring is such a wonderful time for grabbing such photos!

    Please pair the beauty of your fave handbags,
    With the beauty of nature's blossoms,
    And share some artistic views with our forum. :biggrin:

    Here's my sea blue alice zipped tote.
    And iris from garden--minus the honeybees, which sneaked in & caused some crazy round-up games through rooms.
    Bees are stealthy.

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  2. I love a bloom too. Will add a pic to thread tomorrow.
  3. I love this picture. Just beautiful.
  4. Great pic, I really like your Alice!
  5. Beautiful pic and thanks for taking the time to share all of your pics
  6. Thanks for kind words, all. ♥
    Looking forward to others sharing photos.
  7. At least I tried! Spring greenery and my most colourful Mulberry :P.
  8. Haha! Love the Dorset!
  9. :ghi5:
  10. remainsilly, your Alice simply slays me! It's so gorgeous in it's simplicity!

  11. Lovely fotos, ladies.
  12. Some of you will recognise this bag..but I wanted to bring a bright colour for spring. This is my new, to me Clipper..️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460617769.701535.jpg
  13. Sorry, just a bit of a late one and roses aren't real but the Lily definately is!

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  14. Love this thread ladies 💖💜🌺🌸🌷🌸🌺💜💖!!
  15. You must be a professionally trained photographer remainsilly!! This is a work of art! Love your Alice bag with the iris bouquet. Magnificent!:heart::heart::heart: