APRIL purchases!

  1. SO, who's already bought for april? lol.

    these were technically still purchased in march...but since i had a concert tonight, my new babies didn't get home until it was april- so i'm counting them as april! :p

    scarf print hobo:

    ergo tote in camel:

    both bags, with new watercolor mini skinny:
  2. Those are so pretty! Is the scarf print one, roomy? I am debating (because of the size) on which one to get. Congrats on your new items!!
  3. i think it'll be fairly roomy.
  4. Those bags are gorgeous! Congrats!

    I haven't exactly purchased it yet, but the Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Wristlet will hopefully be mine by Wed. If it's not at the boutique, then I'm ordering that sucker online. I'm getting impatient waiting for my tax return to come!
  5. You crack me up!! It's not April here for another 47 minutes :smile:
    Love it kallison - that watercolor mini skinny actually looks pretty good with the tote!
  6. haah kallison i love that you already have april purchases up! :smile:

    Well lets see i only bought one thing i bought it technically yesterday but it wont come until april so :smile:

    that is my 1st April Purchase :smile: yay!!

    and i plan for my next to be the watercolor scarf!!!
  7. gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful! That tote is gorgeous, and I've got my eye on your watercolor skinny...
  9. Beautiful purchases. Enjoy carrying those bags! They rock!
  10. I bought:
    the black hamptons multifunction bag (ordered yesterday.. should be here by friday)
    a punch mini skinny (on eBay .. had a BIN of only $39.99!!) I asked at the store yesterday and they couldn't order it so I was bummed.. now I'm psyched!
    Pics when they all arrive!
  11. Gorgeous Kallison!

  12. LOVE THIS!!!!!
    Is it a agenda? May I ask how much???
  13. How cute [​IMG]

    OT- is that a piebald in your avatar?
  14. Thanks for all your scarf help ladies! Technically brought home yesterday, but didn't open them til this a.m. :smile:

    Watercolor stripe ponytail scarf
    Scribble medium cosmetic case

  15. Kallison love your Ergo's that skinny mini is a MUST HAVE!! Just how many skinny mini's can one own!!lol

    Bessie I love your agenda and I love your flowers!! Tulips are my favorite!!