~*April, May and June RM Purchases!*~

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  1. We're 11 days into April and I couldn't find a purchases thread so I'm starting one... Better late than never!

    Come share your RM recent acquisitions here!

    Just got my Lexi bucket in Cocoa today. The color is so rich in person


    I also just got my love crossbody (I believe in Smoke) which I will take pics of shortly:smile:
  2. Love it! Can you do a mod shot?

  3. Yummy brown! Nice! ️

  4. I'm huge and swollen so don't mind me, I can only fit into my husband's tshirts I hope baby girl gets here soon, I miss wearing normal clothes!


  5. Thank u!
    I wanna wear it now but I feel like I should wear my ballet Selma and light grey love crossbody before fall rolls around!

  6. Haha been there girl no worries! Oh love the size of the bag, I thought it was way smaller for some reason. Looks great!

  7. I know, when I look at it I feel it looks smallish but when I see it on me in pics I think it looks a lot bigger than I thought! Weird huh? It could be because I'm only 5'3" but I think with the narrow opening and ability to make the drawstring tighter, it could look smaller at times. In the pics I have the drawstring loose/open.
  8. Love your Lexi bucket! Congrats on your baby girl!
  9. I just got this little cutie in the mail. Micro Moto in Bright Coral. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460554838.877276.jpg

  10. LOVE that color! Cute!

  11. Adorable! I love that bright color!

  12. Thank you
  13. Thank you! I ordered it from Bloomingdale's a few days ago when they were having the sale. I wasn't sure about the color and size since I had already returned a mini MAB tote in watermelon last year because it was too small and color seemed too young, but that is not the case with this micro Moto. I think the size is much better than the mini MAB tote and much more functional, and the color is ok. Besides, I got it for $110 or something like that so if nothing else I'll enjoy it as a trendy item and then pass it on my to my youngest sister.
  14. Are you going to do a review video? It's incredible, every time I look for reviews on a bag or a color I want to purchase, I find out that you made a video about it haha!!! That's how I ended up with the Coach Crosby Carryall, the Gigi NY Hayden, and the RM Moto hobo!!!
  15. I think I'm going to do one where I compare what fits in the Mini MAC vs Micro Moto :smile: