APRIL IN PARIS in San Francisco--custom-made leathergoods by former Hermes apprentice

  1. Wow - I love that handbag. Can you order these? Let us know if you visit otingocni!
  2. That's awesome!! It's great to see that the art of making handbags by hand is still alive! :smile:
  3. Oooh - interesting article - thanks! Sounds like a neat place to visit.
  4. I'm sure she's good but it's not quite the same...you know?
  5. Wow - that's so interesting!! Beautiful bag, too!
  6. I am so sure that her work is amazing. She would never have worked for Hermes if she isn't talented. Plus, she has enough guts to open her own boutique...what does that say?! Good for her!!! I am sure her bags are stunning and well made. That was a point I made in a thread a while back about leather goods made by hand in Italy. It is somewhat of a lost art in the U.S., but in Italy if you are fortunate to find them they are like works of art. They may not have the recognition of the name "Hermes", but they are gorgeous.

    If anyone visits please let us know.

    Her bags seem to be priced fair for handmade.
  7. Very interesting. Next time I go to SF I'd love to see the shop in person.
  8. I'm going to SF on Thursday...if I have a chance to stop by - I'll fill you in on the details! Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  9. Frenchiefan, it would be great to hear your opinion of her work!
  10. Does she still works for H?
  11. Sarah, not anymore.
  12. You are right...just not the same.
    Real is real.
  13. I don't know what you mean when you say real is real?

    These are real handmade leather bags. She was a skilled Hermes apprentice. She uses the same methods. She has designed her "own" bags etc. They are much more affordable in comparison. She is not trying to be Hermes, but create a handmade product that is of high quality and totally made to your specifics. Her bags are actually more attainable the way you'd like them to be.

    I LOVE Hermes for so many reasons, but if these bags were carried by celebrities and some famous people we all might take a closer look and be more openminded. Hermes started out in the same manner and look how the empire has grown.

    I am actually impressed that this woman would open her own boutique and take the criticism that is handed her. I give her a great deal of credit.
  14. Kellybag, I couldn't have said it any better! I admire her too and wish her the best in her endeavors to produce superior quality leathergoods.