April Fools!

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  1. Did any of you get fooled? I didn't but one of my friends did. His older brother called him at 9am and told them that their younger brother was in jail for robbing a store and was found with the items on him. His older brother sent my friend to the jail and told him to ask for Lt. Kiley so my friend did. When he asked for Lt. kiley they told him there was no one there by that name, so he called him older brother and he told him "okay try asking for Lt. smily or something like that". My friend did and the police officers just looked at him like :huh:. So he asked them to look up his younger brothers name and they told him he wasnt in the system. He finally called his older bro again who told him APRIL FOOLS. My poor friend had to tell the police officers there that sorry, it was a joke. They replied "we should take YOU in for putting us through all that". My friend was :mad::mad::mad:
  2. my grandma called and said she cut her finger off.
  3. lol that made me laugh
  4. I completely forgot it was April Fool's Day! Good thing I stayed at home trying to hammer out my papers... I don't wanna be tricked :worried:
  5. i didn't do anything this year, but last year, i told a bunch of my girlfriends that their bags were fake and they freaked out and cried. the reason being: I was WITH THEM when they bought it, and we were IN THE BOUTIQUES. lol. i gave them reasons based on fake stuff (telling them only real LV's have hang tags and fabric-swatches and whatnot) hahahahha.

    they wanted to kill me afterwards though.. i let them believing my story for about half the day. hahaha. i had my laughs.
  6. i was planning on pranking my husband this year and completely forgot today is april fools. haha.
  7. Nope. Yesterday, though, my boat won our regatta (race...for crew) and they wanted to tell everyone that we lost. Our school has a reputation for always winning though...also they announce the results so it wasn't such a good plan!
  8. Congrats on winning!
  9. The funniest April Fools item I saw was Manolo The Shoeblogger's "Bloggerfeld". http://www.shoeblogs.com/bloggerfeld/wordpress/

    I read The Manolo daily, and as soon as I saw this I knew it was his April Fool's joke. It really cracked me up.
  10. I didnt even know it was that day, I guess its not too big over here :sad: