April at Chanel on the rue cambon !

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  1. Returned from Paris yesterday and the prices were not just high, they were "Shocking". I did see a gorgeous bag that I must have somehow, a metallic rectangle which comes in gold, purple, gun metal, bronze. The SA wrote down the info but said the bag had no name. She thought I might come back but there was no chance of that - I'm going to show the card she gave me to a local Chanel here in Miami - after being in Europe, everything here seems like it's on sale!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You can't post something like this and not mention the actual price! ;)
  3. What were the prices like? Weird because the UK prices are lower even despite the weak dollar/strong pound.
  4. I'm remembering it at about 1800 + Euro but I'm thinking I can't get it here - haven't seen it anywhere and can't identify it. I do have the SA's card, I could maybe have a Chanel person at this end call her.
  5. It was $1.56 to buy one EURO!!! OMG does that add up over 8 days. Did see some fabulous art exhibits - Marie Antoinette at the Grand Palais was magical! and Vlaminck at the Luxembourg was awesome (I love art).
  6. I hope you get your math right because without any offer or promotion, price in France is ALWAYS lower than the US.

    The price is comparable to that of the price in the US but price in France is inclusive of tax. If you buy in a Chanel boutique, you get 16% tax back.......
  7. Ahhh I'm so jealous of you.. I hope you have a wonderful time. Someday, I hope not just in my dreams.. I'll be able to travel to Paris.. especially Provence.
  8. Actually it's 13% - the SA wrote it on the card. I'm pretty sure I got my math right. The dollar is so weak right now, I don't know how I could have been getting any bargain. Any way, I'm back here now and will have to try to special order the bag if I can.
  9. Ohh, that bag sounds pretty!!
  10. Tax is 16% i think but the rebate is only 13% and yes, the USD is so weak now! Gosh, i think i wld shop like mad if i go US! Haha.........:yahoo:
  11. Actually, it's 12%. BUT what Miffy said is true. Even with horrible exchange rate, France still is cheaper than the States. The rate was only a bit better for me when I was in Paris few months ago. All my purchases were considerably lower than US prices, especially when I have to pay 8.375% NYC sales tax at home.
  12. Live rates at 2008.04.10 01:29:20 UTC 1,800.00 EUR


    2,852.87 USD

    Euro United States Dollars 1 EUR = 1.58493 USD 1 USD = 0.630944 EUR

    minus another $216 for VAT right?
  13. Correct me if I am wrong.....The VAT refund of the tax.....is this the tax rebate you get at the Airport on the way out of Paris......if it is, the lines were so incredibly long, and the airport was so incredibly crowded, that we would have definitely missed our plane in order to collect it, so we just did a "forget about it" ...is there somewhere else or at the boutique where you get the rebate?:heart:H
  14. Yes, VAT refund is the one you get at CDG.:yes: About the possibility of long line and missing the plane, that's why you have be there EXTRA early, habanerita!;)

    I actually was in a similar situation a couple of years ago... Although there was only one person before me on the line, there was no one at the detax window! And nobody could tell us when an agent would come back. The girls behind us left, tiring of waiting and afraid to miss the plane. But I wasn't going to leave without my refunds, so I just went to the next terminal and got my papers stamped.

    I noticed something new from my last trip, which were these machines supposedly to help you with the detax process. You are supposed to scan the bar code on the top of the papers and work through... They had these machines right next to the detax window before security and after security, between the waiting areas.

    But they must be either not efficient enough or not set up fully yet. There were two flight attendants right behind me in the line to get the papers stamps and they were about to miss their flight. As I took a VERY long time with my items, since the agent wanted to see every single Chanels I bought, they tried to use those machines. But for some reason it didn't work. I wonder if it's still not set up fully and would be working 100% soon. If so, I guess they would be really helpful for those who are running out of time.
  15. We are just humanly incapable as a family of arriving EXTRA EARLY at any airport........it is just not in our genes......so I guess the VAT advantage may never be had by me......I do know we have tried three times at CDG Airport and it was an impossible wait/line....I wonder how many VATs go unclaimed...:heart:H