APRIL APRIL APRIL! Show us your April goodies here!

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  1. Hi everyone! It's April already! Can you believe it?

    Show us what you got!

    I start by this mini, got it yesterday, well practically almost April. So here you go:

    My chevron caviar rectangular mini:

  2. Yay! Let the games begin!!!!

    I'm still on ban so I'll be here to enjoy the show!!

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  3. I am also, after this mini
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  4. wow! Sooo gorgeous! Is this silver hardware or light gold?
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  5. Silver!
  6. This is one lucky find. Congrats dear, she a beauty :flowers:. I'm still trying to find this in the US.
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  7. Thank you it was! I'm in EU, with no waiting lists available! Been stalking whole EU to find this! But finally! It is so hard to get one of these, usually they go directly to their VIP customers...or you could get lucky if they got a new shipment the day you are at the store. Feel so lucky!
  8. congrats I really wanted this in the square mini but alas ended up with something else
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  9. I posted in a thread "instant reveal of my mini" along with how I got her

    So excited to use this bag
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  10. She will probably in my dream tonight lol. Mine is in lambskin and I love the edgier look of caviar leather.
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  11. What is better than THIS?!! OMG, so phenomenal...huge Congrats!:heart::heart::loveeyes::loveeyes::tup::tup::yahoo::yahoo:
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  12. I've got this shopping tote :smile:
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  13. My So Black Boy small zip wallet! Love the grained lamb skin. Another shot with the chevron rectangular mini: my small So Black collection.
    IMG_0116.JPG IMG_0117.JPG
  14. Just got this in :smile: Color is lovely but I am a little dissapointed on the lack of puffyness. Bag looks alittle flat. Maybe its just me? :/ Not sure how it will hold overtime...
    Collage 2017-04-01 09_28_24-1.jpg
  15. Here are my new additions I had to get the card case to match with my so black boy lol
    IMG_1491055456.154919.jpg IMG_1491055468.612883.jpg
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