April 2019 - Show those new treasures!

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  1. I haven’t got anything to show (yet), but really excited to see all your new purchases!
  2. Me too! I wish to join this month, but until then, I'm looking forward to everyone else's goodies.
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  3. 19s is such a joy to me! :biggrin::heart: One of my favorite seasons ever! Well I am such an iridescent fanatic :nuts:. Still waiting for a few more iridescent pieces to arrive :P

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  4. I love this color!
  5. Here is my little purchase from 19s.
    I love it!!

  6. Iridescent beige got me like [emoji7]
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  7. These are beautiful! Do you have a close-up picture of the blue flap in brighter lighting?
  8. Beautiful!!! May you share the style number?
  9. Thank you! Hope this helps. This was the tag attached to the bag, which the SA kept. I took a picture for my own reference lol.
    It says “gold metal” but I don’t know If I would call it gold per se... it’s hard to see in photos but its like a rosy metallic beige.

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  10. The enamel pieces makes my day Glow !!!
    It's already April and most of the enamel collection have came n gone.
    Wonder what more to expect before season collection dries out in May...( if it can withhold till then , that is )
  11. From the iridescant collection - mostly Blackish Purple & Beige ( what I've turned down )
    - WOC / Card Holder / Long Wallet with Phone Pocket in front / Tiny Small Wallet on Chain / Round Wallet on Chain / Medium sized Zippy / Long Wallet
    ( What I bought )
    First - the Iridescent Small Gabby
    Second - the Small classic iridescent blue flap
    Third - Pink medium O-case
    Fourth - Mini Ocase in Black Chevron ( waited for the iridescent which never came )

    Can't do a family portrait as yet coz my goodies are happily kept in store until I'm ready to bring them home.
    ( Clearing out my closet space ! ....Marie Kondo-ing ) ^^
  12. I got the iridescent blue CC card holder.... and a pearl flap bag.
    (Pearl flap bag image isn't my own, I haven't gotten a chance to photograph mine yet!)


  13. The only store in my city just received this today and my husband happened to walk into the store at the right time :smile:. It was the only one they received so far so he bought it for me. This color makes me happy.

    CF24CA57-A73A-4D57-90FB-8B5DA094A2B5.jpeg D3EE1A81-9921-4F88-9598-71921E2976A7.jpeg E4764D83-4A1F-4E73-979C-4AB51B559EEC.jpeg 645AFDEC-9CCE-4298-8A47-AD53DBD40B68.jpeg
  14. 19S Pink Caviar Chevron Flap in the Small ($5000 size) on its way to me from Neimans.
    Waited all season for the Small one to arrive & finally received the call from my SA this morning that it arrived!! Apparently only Neimans received the Small in this color combo at a few of their locations.

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  15. Yay...I am a fan of the small flaps! Almost impossible to find in the US esp in color....I hope this a is sign that we will start seeing some seasonal smalls on this side of the pond!
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