APRIL 2016 Share your CHANEL Purchases

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  1. Purchased in March. This little beauty arrived this morning. I ordered it from Chanel Boutique Waikiki
  2. Lovely color!
  3. oooh love! Did they have other colors? May I ask how much?

    Thanks and congrats!
  4. Darling! Congrats. :heart:

  5. Nice color ️
  6. I paid $325, item is cheaper in Hawaii. I didn't ask for other colors. I read on IG that Nordstrom has it in pink and that gorgeous blue color


    Thanks. Blue is my favorite color

    It is, trying to add color to my collection
  7. I didnt know they shipped out?
  8. My contribution! Picked it up today!

    Casino / Charms Reissue WOC.

  9. As I know, it comes in silver, pink, red, electric blue, and navy
  10. My New Chanel Ring from Chanel Airlines Collection....

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  11. Such a pretty color.
    I love this piece. Actually all the casino charms collection. Lucky you!

    what a great piece! Good choice
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    April Fools haul. Besides another pair of flats (waiting for light beige in my size to come in), shoes in general and the occasional SLG this is it for me and Chanel for now. I've been bitten by the orange bug though I still love my Chanel.

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  13. One year ago I had seen this bag but didn't get it as I felt that for my first Chanel I should have a more classic bag rather than a seasonal bag (thus, I bought a WOC). However, one year later my SA pulled it out again and I couldn't ignore it. So now it's mine and I've learned my lesson...what's meant to be is meant to be.

    This is my April purchase :
    20S The Chanel flower bag extra mini

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  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459559388.012730.jpg
    Thanks for letting me share!!

  15. I love this print. Was the only print/flavor of Boy that ever tempted me. Congrats on your mini!