Approximately what size will I be at this weight?

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  1. I am 5' 10" or 5' 11". I want to lose a jillion pounds. LOL. I want to get down to about 155 or 160.

    I know all body types are different and it varies from person to person, but does anyone know approximately what size I will be at this weight? Does anyone know someone at this height and weight, or are you about at this height and weight and know what size I might end up at? I am hoping an 8 or a 6.
  2. I don't think you should be so much worried about what size you will wear once you lose weight. If you have a jillion pounds to you state then this should be the last things on your mind right now.

    Your goal should just be to get your weight under control. I don't know what you mean by a 'jillion'...for some women a 'jillion' can literally mean obese and for others a 'jillion' only means 10-20 pounds KWIM?

    Just going by the little that you have stated I would think that at your height wearing an 8 or 6 would be too much of a weight loss. I have a very close friend who is your height and she weighs about 170 I believe and she wears a size 12. She has a tiny waist and is curvy but no one would call her fat by a long shot.

    Clothing size is so different on EVERYONE...I wear an 8 thru 10 on bottom and a 4-6 on top and I am 5'6. I'm very happy with my weight and comfortable with my body just as it is. I have friends that are the same height as I am and they weight less or more and each person looks healthy and is within a healthy weight range. Some weight the same or nearly the same and neither of us wears the same size--some wear larger sizes..some wear really goes by body type--body shape....etc...
  3. I am getting my weight under control. I also would like to know approximately what size I will be when I finish losing everything. It doesn't matter if I have to lose 3 pounds or 80. That's not what I asked help for. I know how to lose weight.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. Newgrl was just offering her advice and input. No need to be snippy :smile:

    Her advice is good. If you're looking to lose weight, instead of focusing on numbers, why not go by how you look and feel? At 5'5" I weigh 135 pounds and I wear a size 6 most of the time. Someone at the same height and weight could wear a size 10. It just depends on the individual. Your height, body shape, how much lean body mass (LBM) you're carrying and other factors play a role into what clothing size you'll be, and how much you'll weigh when you reach your weight loss goal.
  5. it's really just too hard to tell. . . if you have 2 women the EXACT same height and the EXACT same weight, they could be 2-3 dress sizes different.

    I'd guess between an 8 and 2 sizes up/a 12.
  6. It's really hard to tell without knowing your bone structure and how you carry your weight.

    I'm the same height as Cristina and my weight & clothes size is different than hers.

    Not to mention a size 8 in Banana Republic is drastically different than a size 8 in Ann Taylor.

    If you know what waist size you want inches, we could probably give you a better estimate as to size you'd be, i.e. I want to go from a 38 inch waist to a 32 inch waist, etc.
  7. Sorry if you misunderstood my post. I wasn't trying to tell you how to lose weight at all. I was just telling you that you shouldn't focus on 'numbers' (in clothing or on the scale really). As Cristina stated--you should really go by how you look and feel in your clothing. Taking your measurements is a good start and good way to track your progress.
    Also as someone mentioned--BMI is a great measure as well.

    Going by what you stated alone isn't enough information for anyone to really approximate what clothing size you will wear once you lose weight. As I stated, and everyone else stated--everyones weight is so different and individual. :shrugs: That's really the only point I was trying to get across. Good Luck with your weight loss goals!
  8. I hate to sound like a broken record, but all the above info is so true! I have so much weight to lose--I'm 5'0" & 173 lbs, but heck, I used to weigh 250!! My goal is to be able to go into nearly any store in the mall & shop there (so like a size 12). I'm an apple shape & carry my weight in the middle--my friend & I weigh no where near the same yet can wear the same size in a few things, so size really IS relative.
  9. 12.
  10. In addition to everything else mentioned, it is possible for an apple shape to become more like an hourglass when the weight is lost. This definitely happened for me - lost 4 inches on my waist, but only 2 on my hips.
  11. There's no real way to determine what size you'll be since all bodies are created differently.

    You shouldn't be worried about your size anyway. If you want to lose weight, do it because you want to...not because you want to fit into a size 8.
  12. I am 5"10, and weigh about 145. Sometimes I can get into a 6 sometimes 8 depending on the stores sizes. At that weight I would say about 10 or 12.
  13. Thanks everyone. :smile:
  14. I want to lose weight for my health and because I want to fit into smaller clothes. Smaller clothes look better, are more affordable lots of the times, and are more stylish. Also, smaller size bras are better looking and more affordable and easier to find in stores. I also want to lose weight because it will give me more confidence and to lower health risks like diabetes, heart disease, etc. I want to take care of my weight now so I won't keep gaining more and more as I get older. I also don't want to be obese when I am elderly, because I know that if you're fat when you're old, it's harder for you to get around and take care of yourself.

    Please don't tell me why I should want to lose weight or what I should be worried about, especially based on a few sentences I typed on a message board. You don't know my motivations or what I have been through.
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