Approximate value of this bag?


Feb 18, 2006
My boss gave me this Kooba bag at the Xmas party last night. I'd like to know about how much $ a bag like this would be. Also, what is the name of the style? Thanks. (She also told me she had ordered a bag fom Anthropologie for me and it didn't get here in time, so I can choose it if I like it better when it comes. )
Kooba Virgin :s

That would be the Kooba Chiara.

It retailed for $525, but I saw it on sale for less. Not sure what it's worth now.

Here is what Megs wrote in her blog:

"Today is a day for bags one of my best friends in the world picked out. The best part is why she tells me she likes each of them. So, like I said, I asked my college roommate (still my best friend) if she wanted to contribute to the site with her likes- and she was all about it. Her first pick is the Kooba Chiara Bag. Many of you know the Sienna pretty well, and the Chiara should not be neglected either. When I asked Nicole why she loved it, her exact response was “Because it is gorgeous, that’s why!” Good answer. This is a beautiful hobo that could be worn during the day or out on the town. To add a little funky beat the bag shows off brass studs (which is of course so in style at the moment) along the supple calfskin leather bag. One of my favorite parts of the bag is the seamless crescent strap which adds volume and slouch to the bag. The inside is lined in twill and contains a zippered and patch pocket. The overall dimensions of the bag measures 17″ x 9″ x 4″ all dependent upon how much you stuff in there. This hobo is available through eLuxury for $525. If you are at all unsure of why you should love this bag, follow my best friend’s lead, who says, “I’m seriously obsessed with this bag now.”