Approx Price for this Pink Cotton Chanel Bag?

  1. HI! My first post :yes: :P

    My friend bought this bag from a Japanese reseller of secondhand authentic chanel bags. How much approx might it be worth? It has a few small marks, but is in quite good condition.
    She is still in Japan, but slowly wants to send me some of her bags to resell here in Australia, as she doesn't seem to get much back reselling them to the pawn shops there.

    Thanks girls :smile:
  2. i dont know the retail.. i know leather is $1595 or so. its cute tho!
  3. I'm Not Sure On Cotton. It's Beautiful.
  4. So cute! I didn't know Chanel made them in cotton.
  5. she has a lot of different types of Chanel bags, ones I have never really seen before! I think they must release a lot more bags in Japan than they do in Australia and other countries.
    They are so designer bag crazy over there, that there are lots of bargains to be had at secondhand reseller shops!

    I might get her to send some of the more common bags first, and see how they go.
  6. Hmmm.... this is interesting. i don't think i'll ever get a pink cotton chanel just because that it will get dirty easily.
  7. I truly doubt all these different bag are authentic. By the way call the Chanel 800 number and ask about the price of the cotton bag.
  8. No clue but it's cute!
  9. If it's a cotton it should go for 1395.00