Appropriate place to post an message about an eBay auction?

  1. Hello! I just have a question, I don't want to make any enemies here and I noticed people get REALLY sensitive about eBay issues, talking about auctions, etc. so I thought it best to ask before posting away.

    There have been more than several inquires to me personally via PMs and in my "collection" thread.

    Where would be an appropriate place to post that? Obviously some people here would benefit from that information, I'd benefit from letting bag fans know I am selling it, I have NOT been accepted as a member of your "private marketplace" forums, and unfortunately I had long ago cleared my PM box of those inquires so I really don't remember who the members were that inquired.

    Advice please.

    Out of curiosity, why isn't there a "less private" eBay forum for this sort of thing. I understand not wanting counterfiters advertising their junk but I think it would be appropriate to have a forum where maybe the requirements would be something along the lines of "member for at least 6 months, 150 post count" could have access too?
  2. there's no where. ABsolutely no one is allowd to discuss their eBay ID or auctions here.
    Furthermore, it's prohibited in PMs as well, this is a bannable offense.
  3. That's why I asked.

    I also would like to know why my post was edited, just out of curiosity, because I PURPOSEFULLY did not mention anything about my eBay account AT ALL. I was just making an inquiry BEFORE I broke any rules I was unaware of.

    Now I know... I THOUGHT it would be appreciated that I asked before acting, but que sera sera.
  4. PS: it was people who were PMing ME so if that's a "bannable offensive" then obviously there are members here that aren't aware of those rules. I ignored them at the time and deleted the PMs when I cleared my mailbox but for some reason I kinda feel like I am being accused just for asking a question.
  5. I edited out what you're selling as it is irrelevent and it can cause more people to PM you.

    I'm not sure why you have an annoyed attitude w/ me, you asked, I answered and edited your post exactly like I would have anyone elses.
    We're SUPER DUPER strict about anything remotely related to selling, that's all.

    Yes, whomever PMd you broke our terms of service:yes:
    Some people don't read our rules so I made sure and mentioned it.

    Stil unsure of why you're defensive{?}

  6. Sorry, I read your 1st reply with a different tone of light than you intended I think. When I came back here and saw that my original post was edited, and saw you mention that those inquiries via pm were a "bannable offense" I thought I was being accused of doing something against the rules that I didn't do! I was actually trying to prevent it by asking first. :p

    I understand why you'd want to be super duper strict with these affairs as I am a moderator on a different, completely unrelated, type of forum. Only we are required to PM a person and explain why we edited their post UNLESS it's something "against the rules" or "offensive." So I guess I automatically assumed I was being deamed "offensive or a rule breaker."

    Sorry, I guess it's different here.

    Thank you for answering my question "Swanky Mama of Three," I appreciate your reply. Sorry I took it the wrong way.

    If I ever receive any of those sort of PMs in the future I will reply and let them know it's against rules.

  7. no worries, it's close to impossible to read insto one's tone in writing.

    We can't possibly PM everyone. . . we'd never have time to even read the Forums if we did. The PF is an enormous amount of work due to the sheer # of members and traffic, I edit, move, close and delete things more than I get to read:sad:

    Sorry if I was too to the point:flowers: