Appropriate place for my 1000th post...since I am addicted to ebay

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Please tell me HOW, just how, you deal with someone who buys your item thinking it was something else. :confused1:

    I've had someone buy one of my $34.99 items thinking it was the expensive $200 model that came with the remote. I've just had someone buy my $19.99 bag accessory thinking it was the $595 bag. In each case, I made it painfully clear what I was selling. :cursing:

    Are you obligated to refund? :shrugs:
  2. No. If your descriptions were clear, the buyers should have done their own research on the items you described. For example, if there are 2 models of something I want but I'm not educated enough to see on sight which model is described, I'll do a Google search on the Model given in the auction to be sure its the one I think it is. It takes 5 seconds and can save me alot of grief. I'll also so an Ebay search on the model you have described and get competitive pricing. The buyers got what you advertised, your responsibility is to get it to them. Thats it. :shrugs:
  3. Sounds like buyers remorse/stupidity, how could anyone expect a $34.99 would be the $200 version? Sigh.....eBay buyers get worse
  4. No your not obligated to refund ~ did you auction state no refunds though? It seems for me it runs in spurts. I am doing fine for months and the wham! Out comes a few pests and I just deal with it. I don't want any problems and if I do take it back I make it clear No refund on ship either way and then I relist. Sometimes I make out a lot better then the inital auction. Go with whatever your feeling!
  5. I get the exact same thing Linda. I hadn't had a neg for close to three years and then I get three in the space of six weeks! All newbies who either didn't understand what they were buying or simply didn't e-mail to say they weren't happy with something....hey-ho!
  6. I state in my return policy that I do not accept returns for buyers remorse or items not fitting... basically, I only accept a return if an item arrives damaged or something like that. If you were clear in your description, then you don't have to refund. BUT in some cases, you get the unreasonable buyers who will leave you the negative, even if your policies are clear.
  7. You ladies are the best =) lol I feel bad when I start threads on the ebay forum because it's always "I'm mad rant rant rant" then a few hours later I'm no longer mad lol and downs =)