appropriate kooba styles for a 19 year old

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new to the Purse Forum. I don't really own a lot of designer handbags but I really want to get myself a nice, designer bag and I've decided upon a Kooba...

    Anyways there are a few that I like - Nicole, Charlie, and Meredith- but I'm not sure if they are "young" enough for me. I feel like they are bags someone a little older/more established would carry..I'm still in college! I'm leaning towards the Elisha, Natasha or the Sienna right now. I don't want to look matronly carrying a lovely Kooba (no offense to anyone my age carrying one of these bags!) I do want a classic, timeless bag, though. So, what's the verdict on plainer bags like the Nicole, Charlie and Meredith?

    Thanks so much :smile:
  2. I think I would tend to like the Kiera in the auburn color if I were as young as you are.....:tup: But, you may be surprised as to just what you can carry. Can you go to a brick and mortar store and try lugging some of the Koobas around? I would definitely try one on in real life.
  3. I'd say go with your gut and get either a Sienna or an Elisha. Both have a young, hip feel to them. The Elisha is a little more girly and elegant than the Sienna, but the Sienna has that fabulous boho-chic thing going on. That Natasha seems so big to me, so I don't think of it as an everyday bag.

    What colors are you thinking about?
  4. I'd say an Elisha or a Nina. The Nina is cool looking, smaller, and has a great chain strap. I think the Charlie or Meredith would be a little too conservative for you.
  5. My vote would go to either the elisha or sienna. I guess it depends on the kind of 'look' you like. IMO the elisha can go either way, be dressed up or down. I like the sienna with more casual clothes. Just my opinion!
  6. My daughter is 20 and she prefers the Kooba Maria or the Jessie.

    My advice would be to go to a Nordstrom's or Saks and actually try them on for size. There is NOTHING like seeing them in person and you are sure to change your mind as to which one might be THE ONE.
  7. well....i am 19 and i own a carla, paige, and a sienna (florally embossed). out of what you named i would DEF. go with the sienna. i think you will enjoy it the most and it is a very classic shape. good luck!
  8. You might want to check out the Celebs and their Koobas thread, JC, as Hayden Panettiere is in love with Koobas and she has been toting them all around town. I don't believe she is 19, yet......
  9. Elisha, Sienna or Brynne! I love my Brynne and my Sienna. The Brynne is large enough to carry papers/magazines/smaller books and fits easily over the shoulder (without a coat).
  10. ^Ooh, good call youngster! The Brynne is a great bag too. Such a comfy shape!
  11. I would so say the Natasha or Charlie, I just got the Charlie in Ivory and its absolutely wonderful and totally handy for school and gorgeous for going out and about! S o I'm extra nervous cause its a light color, but so far so good!

    The Natasha is pretty big, but would also be timeless and useful at the same time for school as well in my opinion
  12. Hey guys, Thanks for all your responses. I'm definetely looking for a big, black bag. I loooove the Nina but it is just too small! Maybe I will get it someday - it would be a perfect "going out" bag, but right I need something that I can tote around everyday! I tried on a few that I saw at Nordstroms (they had a limited collection - meredith, parker, etc) and I definetely like the bigger bags.

    The chances of me finding a smooth black Sienna in stores/online is nil, right? I'm not opposed to the textured black Sienna, though..I just haven't seen ANY Sienna's in stores lately but I will check at other Neimans and Saks in my area.
  13. If you can find the smooth black sienna, it is a gorgeous bag. It has an edge with the whipstiching but can still look like a great, classic black bag, but not doesn't look too trendy in the smooth black if that makes sense?
  14. So I went to Neimans last night..the SA person hadn't even heard of a smooth Sienna! I asked about the distressed black one, he said there are only 2 left at all the NMs in the country (store 3 and 16, if anyone is interested).

    I tried on the Nicole, Charlie and Elisha, LOVED all 3. I can't decide! I wish I could buy all 3! I can barely afford 1 as it