Appropriate/inappropriate wear with LV bags?

  1. hey you guys,

    i was wondering.. i know that casual wear is certainly fine with some LV's.. but what kinds of clothing just doesn't go with LV's? specifically, can i wear running sneakers with my speedy? my cabas piano? or is it too casual?

    *braces self in case of flaming*:P
  2. I think you can wear running shoes with your LV. I wear mine with my Diesels and Pumas all the time(which are like running shoes). :yes:
  3. i think most people like LV simply because they can wear anything with them, especially bags from the Monogram and Damier line. i wear flip-flops and shorts with my bags, and i don't really give a damn if it's 'appropriate' or not
  4. I agree with pupsterpurse, and Sandra (yeux), you should wear with whatever you want! Don't give a shoot about what others may think! Wear whatever you feel like!
  5. Definitely okay !

    I think a great number of Vuitton bags can be dressed up or down ! I always wear the usual student wear (jeans, sneakers, hoodie) with my bags. :yes:
  6. Yeux-- ITA :smile:
  7. You can wear anything with LV!:yes:
  8. yup agree with all of you. I wear it with anything.
  9. ITA with what everyone's said...I think casual wear, sports wear is fine to go with your LV...practically anything goes...EXCEPT perhaps not top to toe flashy designer wear...YKWIM?
  10. i agree with the people here. however, i do think that there are some LV bags, due to their shapes, look more "formal" compared to the others and therefore would look a little funny when worn with casual clothes. JMHO.
  11. i have literally worn mine with run down to starbucks and take my pup out...hehe....the only time i think it is inappropriate to wear is if you're wearing other labels (like burberry check or pucci print for example...)....then u risk looking like a fashion victim.
  12. I wear whatever my :heart: desires!!!
  13. Same here. I wear whatever!
  14. I'm a student and if casual +LV = faux pas I'd be in real trouble LOL
  15. Is there an echo in here...ITA, you can wear pretty much anything.