Appropriate for an interview?

  1. So, I have a really exciting interview tomorrow that I REALLY REALLY want to land the job. I've been looking at positions such as this for a long time but they're hard to come by here or is asking for way more experience than I have...

    So I was able to wow the branch manager for a position opening for a recruiting - account manager position. I will be working mostly within the sales and marketing (retail, hospitality, arts etc) sector.

    I have a cute brown sweater dress that is knitted and was thinking of wearing a blouse under it and leggings (because it's some what short) and boots (nice kenzie girl heals). It shows a little bit of personality and uniqueness (considering the kind of industry I will be working with in the future). But I'm also feeling that it may be too... "out there" for the first interview and I should just go with slacks and a blouse...

    What do you think?
  2. A black suit is always appropriate for an interview. Perhaps show your personality and uniqueness with a shirt/blouse underneath or through an accessory.
  3. I think slacks and a crisp blouse would be the best bet, personally. Accessories can do wonders. Save the fashion forward outfit for once you get the job. :tup:
  4. no way...too risky. if you don't have enough experience already you need to step up your game. go for a sleek black suit with a crisp white collared shirt underneath...very chic! good luck, i hope you get the job!
  5. Recruiting in the hospitality field is a pretty conservative industry. This is not the time to wear something "somewhat short" or "out there" and quite frankly I doubt that outfit would make you look like a serious player in your field. I would probably mistake you for an admin assistant and not an account manager. I'd play it safe and wear a great suit, simple no nonsense bag, and closed toe pump. I'd also keep your hair, makeup, and jewelry toned down and be careful with fragrance. It's always best to be a bit over dressed for an interview especially for a position where a professional appearance is crucial.
    Knock 'em dead!!!
  6. I agree with everyone! Much better to be safe for the interview and later once they have gotten to know you go for more creative looks.
  7. I agree. Best of luck!! :heart:
  8. Thanks everyone! I tried on the knit dress and agreed, that although I want to have my "spunky personality" show through, I want to play it safe. I already beat the odds by getting the interview with the branch/franchise manager I don't want to make her doubt me.

    I decided because it might be hot tomorrow that I am wearing a knee length dress pant capri with a light cream sweater (something like this except with a v-neck) with a nice camisole top with my Coach black FRANCIE PUMP and a black leather tote.

    Dress capri's are OK right?
  9. Dress Capris don't say business to me. They say Sunday brunch, shopping with girlfriends, or dinner date. Hot or not play it safe in a suit. You can wear a sleeveless shirt underneath for the drive but be sure to put on the jacket for the interview. I live in Vegas and even in the heat of summer I expect a candidate to interview in a suit for any position above general clerical. If a candidate is dressed too casual for an interview I wonder what they think is general work attire. Make sense???
  10. Yeah totally. I guess it's different right now because looking back on all my interviews they have been all dresses with a trench coat because I have gotten all my jobs in the winter.

    What can you substitute a jacket if you don't have a matching jacket? I have blazers, slacks, pencil skirts, nice blouses, and coats. No jackets and basically this was a "I want you in my office now" type of interview. I basically got the call at 6 when I posted =S and had no time to get any interview attire.
  11. If you don;t have a jacket go ahead and wear nice dress pants, a crisp button up shirt, and nice pumps. That should be fine especially considering it is hot this time of year. BTW- don't look back on what you've worn in the past if you're looking for a better position, it will require a better work wardrobe. :smile:

    Good luck tomorrow!!!
  12. dress capris are not allowed at my work, and we have only a business casual dress code. you really can't go wrong with a classic suit.
  13. If you're concerned that you're being too risky, then you probably are. I think it's best to dress conservatively and add a little bit of personality with your accessories. Good luck!
  14. so how did it go?
  15. ban leggins!!!!!!!!!!, otherwise it sounded good :smile: