Appropriate choices for 42 year old...

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  1. I am having trouble deciding what type of styles I should wear at this "transition age" of forty plus. I went to jcrew this weekend, and found a number of things I liked; however, most of the customers were 15-20 years younger than I. Please help. Also, please check this website, and tell me what you think of their selections.

    In the end, I don't want to look like I am trying to be a teenager again, and I certainly don't want to look frumpy and older than I am!!! Thanks for your advice.
  2. I am 43 and have been having trouble the last couple of years. I don't want to look matronly, but when I wear young, trendy stuff, my 16-yr-old tells me that is what the girls wear in his school! This year I will do jeans, J brand and my new Current/Elliot and basic long-sleeve tees and turtlenecks. I do have a couple stylish trend jackets and may buy a new leather one. But no miniskirts, mini dresses, leggings, words on shirts, or tyedye!
  3. Full disclosure: I'm 30, not 40, so feel free to ignore me if you don't think my advice applies. But I don't think you can go wrong at any age by looking for classic pieces that fit well and make you feel great. Then add your own personal stamp to those classic pieces through your choice of shoes, accessories, etc.

    Don't worry about going into a store and seeing 20-year-olds shopping next to you, if you're both shopping for the same perfect, timeless cashmere sweater. That just means their sense of taste developed earlier than mine did. ;)

    As for Harold's, I've actually bought a couple of things there myself in the past (it's one of the few places where the jackets actually fit me), but imagine I'm a tad younger than their target demographic. I've been impressed with the quality of their clothes. I'm not crazy about their current collection compared to what they've offered in the past, but that's just my opinion.
  4. I think it's all in the way you wear the pieces. There are fabulous pieces at places like J.Crew for ANY age. When you go to a store like that, focus on buying classic pieces that you will always wear.
  5. Ok ok so I'm only 22, BUT I will say that I believe age is only a number- It is how YOU feel (in your clothes) that is WAY more important. If you want to wear J Crew- ROCK IT! If you think you look good in what you wear, trust me, others will see that confidence and think you look great too!

    I'd also recommend any major dept. store-and like another poster said find staple pieces...I believe that I can't ever have too many classy pieces-like solid, rich-color sweaters for winter, and nice dress pumps/flats for work. I also think Harold's has many pieces that would look great on any age!!!! Go for it girl!!
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    I am mid-30's and am at the age where things can fall into the gray area between "trying too hard to look young" and "frump-tastic." I agree with what others said about choosing classic pieces that fit well and flatter. Just try not to go "too classic" by wearing only staple pieces from head to toe -- it would just look like a bland uniform...which could really age you. Instead, you could combine classic and trendy in tasteful ways, i.e. wear a classic gray pencil skirt with the fall season's trendy piece: a fitted, white or lavender blouse with ruffles down the front.

    Harold's looks to be very classic but a little on the "safe" side. I think you can stay youthful-looking by putting unexpected twists in the way you dress. I really like Anthrolopologie for their balanced mix of both trendy and classic. They tend to focus on classic cuts that are updated with fashionable embellishments and colors, i.e. fun prints and ruffles.

    My two cents! :smile:
  7. I think you can wear Banana Republic items, just stick to the classic, and don't wear too trendy of an item. I think BR has some very classic pieces. Stay clear of the too short or too tight.

    And if you have a good figure, hey, I wouldn't hide it. Show a little leg, are and chest, just with moderation.

    The link you provided...I like it. They appear to have very classic style clothing.

    Wish you luck.
  8. I think you should wear what is pleasing to YOU. I am 40, and I usually wear edgy stuff (but only one bold piece at at time) If it looks good, then it is good. No such thing as "too young for me" I have one caveat: if it looks ridiculous then don't wear it. For me, I know that mini skirts just don't work on me. So I don't. But this is your life, so have fun it .
  9. everyone has given great advice. j.crew is totally appropriate for you, my SIL is 41 and still shops there.
    remember to dress for your body type and you'll do fine!
  10. I am 40 and I really think it depends on your body type and the particular style of clothes. I agree that minis or leggings is probably not the best choice. Nor would I wear short shorts that I see a lot of the young girls wearing. I do think you can mix in trendy clothes. An interesting Free People t-shirt with a great fitting dark wash jean and a nice shoe is great for everyday. I glanced at the Harold's sight and I personally wasn't crazy about it but there may be pieces you can buy. I also don't want to look matronly cause I still feel like a kid!

    You should try to find a really good sales person at a local boutique or department store that can pull outfits together for you.

    Good luck!
  11. I am 45. I agree. It is hard. I avoid really tight fitting stuff, because I think it looks too young and it is uncomfortable. Comfort is really important to me because if it is the slightest bit uncomfortable, I won't wear it. I agree with the others on the Harold's. Not really that crazy about anything on there. Do you work or what? I think the work wardrobe is going to be different than if you are at home.
  12. WOW!! You ladies are WONDERFUL! I am starting a new part time teaching job at a local junior college next week. I have been a student for some time now, and this is my first job since graduation. I know that the classroom is somewhat casual, but I just want to look like I have some sense of fashion. I am having all sorts of dilemmas right now to be truthful. I don't know how to wear my hair, don't know what color it should be (has always been highlighted), and I just can't find "my style". Furthermore, I am really hard to fit. I am 5'10" with a medium build (about 155 lbs), and I usually take a larger size on top than on bottom (not because of a big chest, but because of unusually big arms). It seems to me, based on the comments made so far, that I am going to have just shop and find out what looks good on me at this point in my life, and what I feel good in. I have always tended toward "safe" choices, and perhaps that is why I am drawn to Harolds; however, when I went in JCrew this weekend and saw all of those wonderful colors, I was inspired, then I freaked out about looking ridiculous.

    Thanks for your understanding and suggestions. Looking forward to more.
  13. i highly recommend 2 books: one is the What Not to Wear book for dressing your body type and the other is by Bradley Bayou i think it's called The Science of Sexy---the name is sort of misleading---it's on how to dress your body type.
    good luck w/ your new job!
  14. I think as long as you dress for your body type, you'll be fine. Stay away from overly trendy items and focus on high quality chic and classic items.
  15. i think you can wear anything within reason. they key is to feel good/confident about what you're wearing.