appropriate age for hermes?

  1. The other day in SF union square i saw this max. 12- 13 yr old girl with a crowd of other little girls walking on the street. And one of them was carrying a red birkin! ....and....tho i think hermes is was just plain ODD to see a little kid carrying such a mature taste! I wonder if she was just carrying mommys bags or what...!? now do any of u hermes lovers find that kind of odd?
  2. ou sure it was real?
    I see little girls that age carrying superfakes around here - most peopel wouldn't even know.
  3. Rather than appropriate "age," think of it as appropriate "style." It doesn't matter what age you are...combine the most gorgeous Hermes Birkin with a ratty t-shirt, worn-out jeans, old hole-y sneakers, and a scrunchie, and it's guaranteed that people with either a) not give you a second glance, or b) think you and your bag are pathetic. Why spend thousands of dollars to look like the bag lady down at the 7-11?*

    Dress around your Hermes. It doesn't matter what age you are.

    *Disclaimer: nothing is wrong with that, but they do look kind of funny in a homely way. Especially with their fake Hermes and LV. :biggrin:
  4. I'd say a birkin starts to "go" in your mid-twenties, but what really matters most is your style. If you're 14 and wear a blazer, dark wash jeans, etc. it'll look better than a disheveled 35 year old in sweats.
  5. Okay take out the away.

    I can spend money on a LV, or a Gucci, diamonds, and other bobbles...(I am not cheap) but there are certain things I find over top at my age...Hermes is one...beautiful..oh yeah...not my house, clothes, LV, etc...wonderful. HERMES...I thank my God that is not a monkey on my back...I have enough. Im so grateful for my life...we were having a ladies lunch yesterday and we were talking about the 80 something lotto...I would not change alot about my life...I would still be allllll LV and or not. (during the same conversation I got a one liner about carrying a "dog carrier" (my new lv perf) HA!!! I bet Hermes owners dont get that!! Just a bunch of thoughts about nothing.
  6. there is a similar thread already "age-appropriate bag" or something like that.
    a scrunchie is always wrong. but other than that, i don't think that carrying hermes should dictate your fashion style. i don't think that buying an hermes bag comes with an insta-membership to a yacht club or requires that you iron your jeans from here on out. though you might raise an eyebrow at someone who spends major money and looks like they're broke, i think that is preferable to letting a purse determine your style. if you're dressed like an adult, the bag will completely polish the look, and if you're dressed like ... mmmmmm casual-borderline slob, you will look.... let's say eccentric.
    it is very incredible how young the hermes customer has become. the designs really seem to appeal to a huge range, and transcend typical fashion barriers (for example, demi moore never looks anything like the more experimental and youthful olsen girls, but hermes appeals to both. demi has a birkin, and at least one of the twins does as well - though i don't know which).
  7. what about the kelly?
  8. I think many people view the Kelly as a much "older" bag than it has to be. I've seen pics of Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Madonna rockin' their formal black Kelly bags with very young, hip outfits.
    i think the Kelly is actually more versatile than the Birkin. It does what you need it to do - perfect with a sleek, classy suit and just as perfect with awesome jeans, great shoes and a funky/fashionable top. Worn with the straps undone it even looks "younger."
  9. The name is old but the bag isn't....
    If its real its probably her mom's
  10. hehehehe....I've always thought of the kelly as an "older" bag. Cliche I know, but I think it can age a woman under 35.