Appropriate accesorizing color?

  1. Some of you may recall from a previous post that I really don't like to wear navy. Due to this, I don't know what to accesorize with it! For a grad school visit, I'm wearing a heather grey suiting material dress with a navy cable sweater cardigan over it. I've had 2 friends tell me that I must wear navy shoes, which I obviously don't own, and cannot wear black! I feel that they are very wrong, but I just would love to know what you ladies think!
  2. Black would look great with your outfit.
  3. I USED to think one shouldn't wear black shoes with a navy outfit -- but after seeing so many women out and about over the years who pull it off -- I changed my way of thinking on this and now I almost PREFER to see black shoes with navy. Navy shoes are just not my style -- they can look VERY dowdy if you're not careful -- I think it's because there just not many styles that come in navy it seems. Black shoes always look great, IMO! And esp. since you're also going to be wearing gray -- I think that outfit would look wonderful with the black shoes!
  4. I would definitely wear black. Navy would look too matchy-matchy.
  5. Thanks for verifying my opinion about the black. I would never ever buy navy shoes, and I was at a loss for what I could possibly wear with it!