Approaching An Sa For A Birkin Question

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  1. Hi All,

    Planning my first visit to H Boutique in Sydney to buy a tie as a present for a friend. I know its important to build a relationship with an SA for future purchases. How should I approach them about purchasing a birkin or placing an order for one. Anyone in Sydney who can recommend a good SA.

    All I really want is a 35 black birkin with gold hardware. Not really aware of leather choices. Suggestions from all would be appreciated something for everyday use. Preferably not too pricey and price range expected to pay.

    Also, (apologies for sounding so naive), for special orders do they ask for a deposit. If so, how much do you leave.

    So sorry all, I must sound so stupid for asking all these questions. I just really dont want to make the wrong impression during my first visit as there is only one H Boutique in Sydney and its not very big at all.

    Thanks so much and any help would be appreciated. :shame:
  2. Hi!

    I am sure one of the Austarlian girls will help you out with an SA.

    I suggest you go in and get the tie and just generally chat with the SA and take it from there.

    As for leathers, do you prefer grained or smooth leathers?

    You will never have to leave a deposit at H.

    Have fun!
  3. its good you are going in for something else...look around at the scarves for yourself...ask to see the leather book, ask questions and be interested in other things...

    you never know what might be shown to you, etc

    so its good you are going for something else.....and you can lead it to the birkin later...
  4. This is very true. I made the mistake on my first visit to the H-boutique (Sydney was the one!) by asking "how does the Birkin waiting list work?". Mind you, I had walked around the store first, slowly, taking in each of the wares before asking. I was both embarrassed and disappointed when I was given the answer "the waiting list is closed and no orders are being taken". Later I found out that this was the stock-standard answer they give to people that walk in off the street. I have since established a relationship with an SA and have purchased a few things and have learned a lot about Hermes in general.

    In my opinion, (and hopefully some other Sydney tPFers will back me up on this), it doesn't really work to try to score a Birkin straight away. You have to be patient.

    Also, the leather book is a highly guarded possession in the Sydney store, and it's hard to work out why. It's even best (in my humble opinion of course) not to ask about the leather book either, until everyone knows eachother.

    One last thing, the Sydney SA's that I've spoken to seem to discourage black in the Birkin, unless it's a small Birkin or a Croc Birkin.

    Hope this helps! All the best to you! Report back and tell us how you went! :yes:
  5. Do you know why they discourage black birkin? It's kind of strange....since it's the most sought after bag, right?
  6. It's probably the 35 Birkins that the SA's don't like to see in black leather. I was told by my SA, who is now the store manager, that she feels the Birkin looks too boxy and briefcase-like when it's in black. I was surprised myself when I heard that, but everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.
  7. I second everything that Jasperella said.

    Also, our Sydney store is not small at all! I have been to H stores around the world, and there are only a few that are significantly larger (all in the major cities).

    They will also discourage you from black, as any black Birkins they order as a "store order" will always go to more established clients.
  8. I would also recommend looking at our own reference section here at the PF, we have a leather book, action thread, and other threads that would give you a really good primer in Hermes leathers, sizes, and more.

    Good Luck to you!!!
  9. I'm learning this, especially after reading tons of threads here in this subforum. I've made a couple of visits to my local Hermes boutique, and when I stopped by earlier this week the SA showed me a few different things, including a beautiful etoupe mini kelly (not sure of the leather) :drool: and the kelly clutch (I think?) in rose dragee. Yum! Even though I don't plan on purchasing either one, I enjoyed looking at them, trying them on, talking to the SA and learning about Hermes. Fun :nuts: And if it leads to a Birkin, so be it. If not, I have discovered so many beautiful accessories and other things at Hermes, it's hard not to walk out with something!
  10. This will sound wierd but it worked for me. The very best way to get offered a Birkin or a chance to order one or for one to be reserved for you is to not even mention Birkins the first few times you go into the boutique. Just play it cool. Let them get to know you and see that you show appreciation for all things Hermes, not just Birkins. THEN, it will happen!!
  11. ^^ Sadly this is so true. I almost see the glazed look come over the SA's like a sheet coming down when I am present and a walk-in asks for a Birkin.

    I wish it was easier - but it is like this for now. Maybe things will change in the future as (IF) other bags get more popular.
  12. Wow, so true!!

    Once you know your S.A., stop in as often as you can. Just to browse! Of course, it is hard to do that... you'll start falling for their jewelry, frangrances (heavenly) and men's presents. I mean, what better present than a tie? Links? An aftershave that makes you swoon? They have lots of truly elegant smaller things. Yes, it'll bite you in the pocketbook a little, but your friends will start getting fabulous presents and you'll get noticed as someone with style! Someone who truly "gets" the brand, understands the history (do your best to soak it up when you're there) will be offered things.

    Things that passerbys, people with limited interest will never see. With such limited supply, they want people to love, cherish, and appreciate their most prized possesions - their reputation, and products.


  13. but Gaz (please don't take this the wrong way - you know I love you!)...I don't think this is sad at all, and I don't wish it was easier. Don't you think the more sought-after things should go to more established clients, with a proven appreciation of the brand? I know, as one of those myself, that I would be mighty cranky if I went into my store, only to be told all the things I was looking for had been sold to "walk-in" shoppers. I understand that it shouldn't be done as a stand-over tactic by the house, as it's sometimes implied happens, but I truely believe they should (and do) reward the regular, dedicated clients with the 'better' stock.

    Other stores do it, too, not just Hermes. I am a client of a Blumarine/Anna Molinari boutique that does this for me as well. I'd be upset if my dedication wasn't respected by them, too.

    I don't think it's a bad, or unnecessary practice to look after well-known clients.:smile:
  14. ^ita
  15. My first visit to an H boutique was last month, and though I wasn't there to ask about a birkin, I think that they would have been open to it in the end. It helped to much to know a ton about the bags, leathers and colors (all learned here!!). As soon as I started asking questions like--"this is togo, right?", and "is that rose shocking of fuschia?", they were very friendly and I felt like they were showing me tons of stuff.
    I put in an order for a bolide, the SA just found it for me and I received it today. She went above and beyond to find it, and I think my knowledge level helped!!