approach a new job, how?

Jun 21, 2006
Dear tpfers... how are you guys, :smile:... it is always lovely to mingle around in here. Right now i have bit dilemma about my job, :sad:... i know right now my job is very very underpaid, and then in sudden one of our client (a very nice lady) offered me to apply to its place in her office, since she will be retired soon.... The fact is i am going to be offered to get 3 times salary from my current, however, i may not age appropriate to such position, and it definitely have to be the decision of the board. And i do know the board, since i have communicate with them related in my company services given to them, however i cannot be sure how they think about my performance, but according to her, maybe i'll pass their test.
The problem is, i already slightly mentioned that i want to move there, however, she wants me to send application first. The problem is, i still cannot be sure about the board will consider me as age appropriate for this quit high level position, which probably they will choose someone with age around 30-35. The thing is, if they didn think i'm suitable enough, i am afraid it will jeopardize myself with my current job since i know my bosses will be very angry if i move to my client company. Do you think it is ethic? but i do need the money, :sad:((.... I barely live with my means in my current salary, and i cant see i will have triplet in near future if i stay...... oh please help me, what should i do......... should i send my application to them and takin the risk that the board will not accept my application and probably mentioned to my bosses that i apply, or.... take a risk.... and hope that probably this is my oppurtunity that given by God so i can have more bags? please tell me...........
Honestly, I doubt that your client's company will tell or accidently tell that you applied for their position. All firms that offer me jobs, they always understand that I'm still working for my firm, and they try to do everything on the DL.

My company also has that ethical dilemma, but really, I don't think many care once you've decided to move. Hmm, at least I don't think they do??? Do what's best for you!
Apply! Why is it unethical for you to want to better yourself? If your company finds out, why can't you just explain that the client asked you to apply? It happens all the time. They can't expect you to stay there working for peanuts forever. They may even offer you a raise!
truthfully, if your current job is as low paying as it is.
I say try for a different position, while this may not make your current employer happy.
One if this is more money do you really have a lot to loose. ANd two if another company will pay you more for a job, what will your current employer bring to the table to try and keep you?

your english is fine, don't apologize for it :smile:
i just bit afraid of like this...... the lady that offer me the position is not the decision maker, the board is. So the procedure will be, i have to send my application and resume to the board first before they could decide they want me or not......... I already told her that please mentioned my name to the board first, and if the board think that i am capable for the job, i'll go procede my application. Thank you guys for your encouragement response........