Apprentice Fall 2005

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  1. Hi, I've been watching both the Martha Stewart and the Trump versions. Please forgive me for recently learning to love reality TV.

    I got hooked on last season, which was the first season I had watched. And I'm liking this season with the Men vs. The Women. Trump explained that he divided the teams like this to easily tell them apart, and to be honest, when the game starts out with 18 people I can never remember the teams either.

    I think Trump picked quite rightly when he fired the Football Player Chris over Marcus - he flat out told him the boardroom not to bring Marcus back because it wasn't his fault that they failed. Then what does the idiot do? He brings back ONLY Marcus - when he said that I would have liked to see Trump fire him right on the spot.

    Even though everyone hates him, I like Marcus. He's so floppy like a puppy he doesn't stand a chance. But I hope he proves me wrong. The women all look the same - young, thin, dolled up, and creepy. Who casts these shows?
  2. I like this show but never get to watch it anymore! I'm stuck on lifetime lol.
  3. "The Donald" must have say in the cast. The women sound like his "type"
  4. Yeah, they do have a Marla Maples/Ivana Trump look to them - especially this one haggish gal named Alla.

    I must say, though, Trump's current wife is gorgeous! And I love it when Conan O'Brien does fake interviews with Trump (it's basically a video picture of trump with the mouth cut out, and Robert Smigel does the speaking) - and Trump can't pronounce her name. I can't either, it's Melania or something.

    The first women they booted out was a monster mess - she argued with her team about how since she was a Latina she knew how much people would pay (the gal sounded like she was from Ohio). And then in the boardroom she said she didn't get along with other women because they were intimidated by her beauty. And trust me, no one was intimidated by her, they just thought she was a nutjob.
  5. You are a kindred spirit, I love you for knowing that. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the only thing left on TV that leaves me peeing my pants in laughter. I would kill to be able to write one-liners like that. (I don't subscribe to cable so I'm starved for Comedy Central, the Daily Show and David Spade.)

    I just watched the new SNL.. you know what, TV Funhouse used to be the worst thing about SNL (Unless it was Ambiguously Gay Duo,) but now it's the only thing funny about it. The show has sucked for 6 years now, ever since Kattan, Oteri, Ferrel, etc. left. Tina Fey saves all the best jokes for Weekend Update, and leaves the rest of the show to flounder miserably.
  6. Speaking of SNL-whose brilliant idea was is to replace Tina Fey (on maternity leave) with Horatio Sanz??? He ruined every single joke he told, because he has no sense of comedic timing - the only thing he is funny at is acting like an idiot.

    And I love me some Triump the Insult Comic - everything Smigel does on Conan is hysterical - but his TV Fun House stuff on SNL is terrible.
  7. Ahh, you watched it too, huh? Yeah Horatio's best bit is cracking up in the middle of skits, and even that wore thin after Jimmy Fallon imitating Adam Sandler beat it to death. I used to actually like some of Horatio's stuff, he did a great Ozzy Ozbourne, and when he did the skit of drawing perverse cartoons to bait you and then would "finish" them with something innocent.
    Yes he bombed. I'm not particularly fond of Amy Poehler either. She has a distinct 'chav' streak about her.
    Maya Rudolph does a better Donatella Versace than anyone though.
  8. Wow, just wow, here is the website for the nasty ***** who was fired of the apprentice last night.

    I don't know who she hired to take her picture, and why she choose the smug shot on her front page that makes her nose look like it's trying to take over her upper lip.
  9. OOOOh I really couldnt stand her. Glad to see her go. She knows she could have worn the stupid costume. She was just being difficult :evil:
  10. If she had worn the costume, at least the executives wouldn't have seen her roll her eyes at her own team's presentation.

    Personally, I think the casting people choose a couple of Omarosa types just to keep things interesting.
  11. I think you're right. Speaking of which....did you see Omarosa on this season's Surreal Life. Talk about being ticked off everyime I watched it. She gets on my nerves. I wish someone would just get the courage and knock the crap out of her one day. She really just needs one good a** kicking. that's all.
  12. Yeah, she really was quite the ***** towards Janice. Just living in a house with someone on reality TV for a couple weeks doesn't give you the right to insult someone's parenting ability.

    Omarosa is just a sad person, she admitted that everyone else had other careers to go back to and reality TV was all she had.
  13. Beyond Ridiculous. . .
    Donald Dumps on Martha

    By Josh Grossberg 1 hour, 14 minutes ago

    The Donald's not happy with his new apprentice.

    In an interview with ABC Radio, Donald Trump fingered
    Martha Stewart as the culprit for the ratings slide of The Apprentice, saying her spinoff, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, has eaten into his audience.

    "The numbers are still good," the hamster-haired mogul said. "I think there was confusion between Martha's Apprentice and mine. And mine continues to do well and, as you know, the other one has struggled very severely."

    Which as Martha would say, is not a good thing.

    Viewership for Trump's Apprentice had fallen steadily from its launch as a top 5 show during the 2003-04 season, when it averaged 20.7 million. The second season was witnessed by 16.1 million and the third season slipped to 14 million.

    But now with two editions running simultaneously, the kinder, gentler Martha-fronted show on Wednesdays and Trump's original vintage on Thursdays, The Apprentice franchise doesn't appear worthy of long-term employment.

    Despite Trump's "the numbers are still good" spin, the audience for the fourth season is down to just 10 million, a drop of 40 percent from last year.

    The Apprentice: Martha, which premeried Sept. 21, has been an even bigger disappointment, averaging a meager 6.6 million viewers this season.

    Both shows are suffering against top-flight competition: Apprentice: Martha faces off against ABC's Emmy-winning hit Lost, which ranks third in total viewership this season with 22.6 million; The Apprentice, meanwhile, continues to lose viewers to this season's most watched show, CBS' CSI, which averages 28.6 million viewers.

    Trump is not alone in playing the blame game. For the past several weeks, Apprentice producer Mark Burnett has been second-guessing NBC programmers for schedule both editions on back-to-back nights.

    "In hindsight, two nights in a row each week is hard to invest [for viewers]," Burnett told the New York Post. "Thirty-two characters are a lot to follow in this format."

    The producer was further peeved when NBC flip-flopped Apprentice: Martha with the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced
    Pentagon drama, E-Ring, moving the latter to the 8 p.m. slot and the former to 9 p.m., against ABC's Lost juggernaut.

    Burnett groused that switcheroo would benefit E-Ring more than Stewart's series. He also complained that the testerone-fueled E-Ring would be a poor lead-in for Apprentice: Martha. NBC disagreed, saying that the Stewart show would benefit by not going head-to-head for the female demo with UPN's hit America's Next Top Model at 8 p.m.

    So far, Burnett has been right. By getting out of Lost's way, E-Ring's viewership surged by 10 percent. Apprentice: Martha has continued to flounder.

    Now, Trump is hinting that the domestic diva may get a pink slip at the end of the season. NBC, Burnett and Trump will jointly decide whether to say "You're fired" to Apprentice: Martha once the current edition ends its run.

    As for the 59-year-old billionaire's own future, aside from expecting his first child with wife Melania Knauss (his fifth kid overall), he's committed to presiding over a fifth--and possibly final--installment of The Apprentice, which will air next year.

    "We're shooting it as we speak and it'll be very interesting," Trump said. "I think it's a very good show."

    Source: E! Online

    Trump will just blame anyone for the fact they are getting over his show. I watch both shows, and the fact that they are on back to back nights actually improves my chances of watching both - because it reminds me the next one is on tomorrow night.

    I don't understand how something can "eat into your audience" when its not on at the same time. Trump is as asshat.
  14. Is anyone still watching this? Or are you all watching CSI instead.

    I'm hooked on both versions. And I totally knew Rebecca would be in the final two, and I think she will win since Randall is really falling apart in the final task.

    Please chat with me about the upcoming finale - everyone I know IRL is totally over this show. And since this thread practically fell off the board, I suspect y'all are too.
  15. I use to watch both shows actually. First, I watched CSI and later switched to the Apprentice.

    I did not watch the Apprentice this season because I think the show is getting old and tired like Trump's comb over hairstyle.

    The one returning show I am still watching after all these years is Survivor. (Current Survivor fans: don't tell me what happened in the two last episodes because I have not had a chance to watch my tapes.)