Apprehensive about Cleaning Suede...

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a baby, I'm simply too scared to try clean my suede Rolandos because I'm not good at hands-on tasks. More often than not I ruin what I try to fix, or simply ruin them accidentally in the first place - case in point being the damaged gold heels of my NPs.

    That being said, my Rolandos really do need to be cleaned; they're looking a bit dirty after I wore them for a night out and I had a drink spilled on them :crybaby:.I already bought a cleaning spray and suede brush, all I need is advice from you ladies! Any special techniques, tips, ways to avoid damage?! Or should I get them professionally cleaned (perhaps a bit unnecessary..?)
  2. The suede brushes are usually a little to "tough" for Louboutin suede.
  3. Use a baby tooth brush. :yes: It's very soft.
  4. I suggest a tooth brush too, with soft bristles.
  5. I forgot to mention that I brushed (very gently) some of the dirty parts as a tester, without the spray..I hope that didn't do any damage. :sad: I bought a brush with softer bristles than the normal kind, but I guess I'll dig up any old toothbrushes and give it a go! Thanks ladies!
  6. I wouldn't use a suede brush. I actually use one of those compressed sponges used for pet hair. It works great.

  7. this is my #1 reason for not buying suede. i hate when they get dirty!
  8. oooh..there..there.., eggpudding...
    try using the apple suede cleaner with a toothbrush or gentle brushing with a suede brush (the rubber one). i have a suede boots which i once used for bushwalking, so it got rained and mudded, then i use the suede cleaner as instructed and it helped. my boots are dark gray so although i am sure it did not clean up everything, it did not show.
    good luck!
  9. too.
  10. Suede gets dirty, but it is so pretty! I couldn't resist my suede boots, but like the OP I haven't had the nerve to clean them yet. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies, as I will use them as well to attempt to clean up my Lapinos.
  11. I used one of those suede cleaners that come in a little block. You rub it over the shoe very gently and it crumbles as you use it. Then you brush off the crumbs with a soft brush (not a suede brush). I used it on a pair of suede VPs and they were fine. I'm in the UK so I don't know what this stuff is called in the states. I have also used it on a pair of mud splashed suede boots (not CL) and it worked very well.
  12. ^Ooh, I'll be back in London in a few weeks, what's the name of it and where can I find this miracle product? TIA Mrs Peel! ;)

    can, thanks! One side of my suede brush is rubber I think.. but it seems a bit tough as well. I still haven't dared attempt any cleaning with a toothbrush, partly because I haven't found the time as well. I hope there the dirt doesn't stay more persistent the longer you wait :sad:
  13. ah, i think we have the same type of brush, i ruined the inside of my mulberry roxanne with the brush but the rubber side is soft and i have used it in all of my suede things including my suede ladygres. so it is safe.
    i think the sooner you treat the better...
    i hope it will go well!:tup:
  14. Hallo,
    I'm away from home at the moment so I can't check the name of the suede cleaner. I bought it in Clarks but they do the same thing in Marks and Spencer. HTH.
    I actually managed to get chocolate off the suede. I got a pair of suede VPs from Ebay and the seller put in a bag of M&Ms as a gift from the USA. This was a lovely thought but didn't take into account the British postal service throwing the box around. The bag split during transit and a little got on the shoes!. Luckily it cleaned off OK.