appreciate your thoughts on next Goyard color please

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  1. hi ladies, am planning on getting my second st louis :biggrin: I currently have a white PM, and now want to get a GM. But can't decide on the color. Should I get an orange, a black with tan, or the light blue? Am torn. I think all three colors are versatile, and would match my wardrobe, so given all things equal, if you were me, which one would you prefer to have? Or which one do you think would really stand out? Don't think I'll be able to purchase another one real soon, so I want to make sure I choose the right color. Thanks so much in advance for trying to help out a very confused girl, haha. :smile:
  2. I LOOOOOVE the orange. So gorgeous! I think all three would be great choices though.
  3. I was just at the SF Goyard store this past weekend and got to fondle and eyeball all their stuff. I was also deciding between the conservative but ultra easy to match black St. Louis or the fun and bright orange. After much "this one or that one" to my DH's chagrin, I ended up ordering a St. Louis GM in orange - just looking at that color makes me happy!
  4. Since you already have a light-colored one and since you're looking at the larger GM, the black with tan would be nice and versatile since it is not a solid black bag...
  5. Hm... tough choice. My first instinct is to say Orange, because I love pops of color, but Black and Tan might be a nice choice as well, that way you have one dark and one light. But either one of those would be perfectly beautiful!
  6. I vote black
  7. Black gets my vote :tup:
  8. thank you for your comments, really appreciate it :smile: I'll decide over the weekend, and hopefully will get to post a reveal next week! :smile: am excited! ;)
  9. i think the black is cliche and boring. I like the red, green, blue, orange, and yellow in that order.
  10. My vote is always tan on black. Call me boring. :smile:
  11. Black/tan is my choice. I'm boring too.:P
  12. green green green~
  13. black or tan !!!
  14. Got it yet? I'll say black/tan too!