Appreciate your Help with Chanel boy goldhareware issue

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  1. Hello ladies. I have recently bought a Chanel boy with brushed/matted gold hardware in Paris. After a day of usage, I realized that some of of the hardware had been scraped off/turned black. Can I check if this is normal?

    Appreciate your urgent advise on this as I will be flying home tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance!!
    8AA278E3-4835-49F7-8502-CCA80148C4E4.jpeg DAC66135-CC57-4B45-B5DA-BA70F31F9C7F.jpeg
  2. If this is after one day of use, I would definitely return it. I can't imagine what it will look like after a few months.
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  3. Return and stay as far away as you can from Chanel!
  4. That’s awful!!! Now I have to go check mine bc I don’t pay that close attention. I am curious though, did you happen to wear with a denim jacket? Not to be place any blame on you, but I am wondering if it really is that delicate.. in which case, would be ridiculous.

    Also just FYI if you plan on getting a tax refund, your items need to be/look unused. You’re not (technically) supposed to use it til you leave the country as tax refund is under assumption that you will export the item. You may already be aware :smile:
  5. 7F0A9F42-F0DE-4732-8C6C-6562183FF8CF.jpeg This is mine from last year i was concerned like you with the wear but it doesn’t get any worse I’m not sure if that’s the distressed look it’s supposed to be ask them I’m curious to what they say. Is yours this year’s model?
  6. That’s unacceptable.

    I had an issue with my Boy Bag’s chain as well and luckily Chanel fixed it for free.

    All these quality issues are horrible. I want to get a few more Chanel bags from my wishlist but if the quality keeps getting worse then I am staying away.