Appraisal Question

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  1. I have a pair of diamond studs that were appraised a couple of years ago. My question is that the appraisal seems very low. He came in at 14k....I never mentioned it to the appraiser as they sent me the document in the mail. Can you tell me what your opinion is?...I don't think you can buy 2 carat loose stones for 7k each?

    4.11 carats total

    Round Brilliant Earlier modern
    2.07 carat
    polish good
    I color

    Round Brilliant Earlier Modern
    2.04 carat
    polish good
    H color

    thx very much
  2. Without cut quality noted on a reputable grading report (ie GIA, AGS) and the ACTUAL angles, and who graded them as such, I can't say how well they're cut, but if they're actually I2 clarity, that will impact their value significantly for the negative, and it's possible the appraisal was accurate at the time. Diamonds have increased since but at that clarity level, and if they're poorly cut, they may not have increased much in value.
  3. Try to price similar diamonds on Blue Nile. They come with GIA certificates/appraisals.
  4. thanks Ame... I didn't realize s2 would impact the value that much ...they are actually quite white and pretty in person they were handed down to me so iI would have to change them into a pierced earring.....thanks very much for your input
  5. thank you I did that and now I realize more or less what the value is
  6. well, Blue Nile won't have I2 clarity. SI2 yes, but not I2. There's a HUUUGE difference in those two, and exponential related to valuation.

    Without knowing who graded your stones, ie GIA or AGS or EGL or whatever, we don't know who assigned those color and clarity grades, and without the actual angles and percentages we cannot assess it's cut quality, either, to know if that makes an impact on value either.

    Most appraisals are done based on actual replacement value should something happen and you need to repurchase at that day or someday soon's rate.
  7. the appraisal did say I2....I made a mistake replying to you think putting a real good high quality halo on them is a good idea?....I know the look isnt for everyone, but I like the look...I saw two that I liked on Leon M website...
  8. I don't know that i would spend that much cash on these stones, but that's not my call. You also may get told "no" by him as well. He won't always work with stones that are of lesser quality in his opinion.
  9. so I brought my earings to 2 different jewelers today.

    Interesting.......Both of them stated that these earings are no way I2...each one said that they are either both SI2, or maybe one of them is I1....they also felt the appraisal was in the 20's versus 14k....obviously I didn't have them do a detailed report though.....I also did not have the current appraisal with me...not sure how much of a difference this makes in terms of the value, but im thinking as a stud this could be Ok...I saw some nice jackets that may look good as well......
  10. I'd definitely go jackets over having Leon halo them. Cost savings alone.

    If they're truly SI2s or I1s that does increase the value a lot. I2s are...not usually pretty! Do they have grading reports at all? I'd probably get them reappraised--full reports--if you can, for insurance purposes alone. A lot has changed in values in the last few years.
  11. Ok, I will get them reappraised...funny, at one place, I saw some jackets that I loved...they were $2100...pretty reasonable I thought...the next place I saw some Christopher design 4 carat (2 each) halo earings which were absoluetely gorgeous....and it was this place that told me to stay away from jackets because they are a huge pain in the im waiting for a price for CHristopher D to make them into a halo, which Im sure will be around 10k ish....big difference of 10k to $2100....esp on my ear and just having to fix them a bit...also maybe a little airline too....
  12. Well the reason I'd go with jackets over haloing them is because you get to still wear them as studs that way. If you halo them they're that way for good. I'd rather have the option.

    I would like to know why that place says they're a pain in the butt, frankly. Upsell or what...
  13. not sure why they said that...... they told me they don't have any jackets in stock, and that they don't sit flush, And they are a pain to put on...honestly, I think I like the idea of a jacket for now..better bang for the buck...

    ok, this picture does NOT does these justice at all...they look WAY better than this...I cant seem to get a clear pic??

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