Applying makeup on in public places

  1. Today on the subway ride to work, I seen this lady put on her whole face while sitting down on the subway.. I mean concealer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow (including a highlight and crease :lol:), eyeliner, mascara, blush, etc. I think it's a faux-pas. And this is not the only time I see this.. I see this at least twice a week.

    If I had to apply makeup, i'd do it in the bathroom opposed to the subway, so the whole commute doesn't have to see me get ready.. :wtf:

    What are your opinions on this?
  2. I think it is okay to powder your face and put on lipstick, but anything else should be done in a restroom or at home.
  3. ^EXACTLY what I was going to write.
    MINOR touch-ups only!
  4. Ditto, except I wouldn't even powder my nose in public. Something about touching your nose makes me weird! :upsidedown:
  5. I agree - the most i would do is apply lip gloss - I would feel too self conscious!
  6. ^ Yeah that. I always use powder/put on lipstick after eating lunch if I am in a casual place (even then, I'll get guys like watch me as I do it but it doesn't bother me....funny that other women don't even blink at it but the men do). If it's a sit down restaurant or an event, I'll go to the ladies room to apply power/lipstick. As for everything else like eye makeup, man, I do all of that before I leave the house.
  7. Yea, the whole point of make up is to be made up once you leave the house. I've been guilty of putting makeup on in the car, but that was a true emergency. Normally I only do lipgloss though.
  8. I have seen women trying to put on mascara in the car at red lights (I'd hate to see her do it while driving!) The most bizzare thing I've seen done in the car was a man SHAVING with not an electric razor, but a face covered in shaving cream and a blade!!! This was while the car was in motion. *stares blankly* *blinks*
  9. Lipstick and powder only in public... (She must have a really steady hand)
  10. ditto. but then again, never at a table in a restaurant. I was brought up to believe its tacky and rude. have to go to the ladies room to do that.
  11. just lipbalm/gloss is enough to make me feel weird. maybe to use those oil blotting sheets. but other than that. i wouldnt even do it in a bathroom.
  12. My very prim and proper little Grandmother used to re-apply her lipstick at the table after a meal, so I figure that's ok. Anything else, do in the ladies' room.
  13. Do you think it is just as bad to apply make-up in your car while driving?
  14. In public, definitely a faux pas.

    Exceptions? Very minor touch ups such as just checking your makeup or a quick lip gloss. Anything more than that...find the ladies room!

    In the car is a definite NO, especially if you're the driver! That's dangerous and gives us girls a bad name :shrugs: .
  15. This topic got me curious as to what's considered "proper" in restaurants. In days gone by, it was totally gauche to apply lipstick at a restaurant table, but I thought that this had changed and lipstick application (done quickly and discretely) was fine.

    I found a real inconsistency in the sites I found. Some said to leave the table and do that in the restroom. Some said it was fine. I suppose the deciding factor for me is the type of restaurant. I wouldn't blink at the idea of putting lipstick on in places like Applebee's, Chili's, Longhorn Steakhouse, etc. In an upscale restaurant, I'm off to the ladies room. Not even Chapstick at the table.

    Maybe that's why I found such inconsistencies: it depends on where you are eating? Hmmm....:shrugs: