applying foundation

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  1. I am curious to know ...
    is there anyone out there that still applies their foundation the "old fashion" way?
    using their fingers to spread and apply to face, WITHOUt using a beauty blender or makeup brush ?
    when i was in school, many many moons ago , that is how I applied my foundation.

    The reason I ask is that I was I needed to apply foundation over the weekend but was away from home where all my brushes and beauty blender was ...
    so i did with just my fingers , and I it looked better that I expected.. in fact I was really happy with the results....
  2. No, I do not use my fingers.

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  3. Yes I do.
    I am sure I'm the only person who actually hates the beauty blender and I don't like any foundation brush I have ever tried.
    I prefer my foundation applied with just my fingers, it looks better. I wear cream blush and that gets applied with my fingers too!
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  4. Same here. I used to but not anymore...Im a mom with 2 babies and dont really have time to sit down and blend or powder my foundation out. ... Then wash the sponge or brushes..I only put my bb cream with my fingers, define my brows and sometimes mascara... 5 mins tops... If special event then eye liner and shadow... Max 10 mins. The bb cream i use has good coverage not much "art work" needed
  5. I've always used my fingers because I don't like wasting product and brushes/sponges eat up a lot of product.

    However I bought the MAC 187 brush as I saw my friend apply her foundation with it and I loved how it made her foundation look especially if you're going for fuller coverage. So I first use my fingers, then I go over it with the 187 brush to buff it in and I get a smooth air brush finish.

    Also when it comes to powder, it should be pressed into the skin and not rubbed which is why it's called pressed powder. A lot of people sweep the powder onto their skin and that's why it ends up looking cakey. Powder puffs are best which is why they come with them but you can take a fluffy brush dip it into the powder, dust off the access then press it into the skin do not rub or sweep onto your skin and you'll have a skin like finish.
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  6. thanks for this tip .. I will give it a try. when you say buff in the foundation, do you mean sweep in after foundation is done ?
  7. thanks.. when I am at home , I have all these tools and do use them but it takes much effort on my part.
  8. I have to agree, it is much more time consuming ... on top I have to keep up the cleaning of the brushes , etc..
  9. I have a friend who is a professional mua...she did this demonstration on her blog to show the difference between applying foundation with fingers, brush & sponge and how the product actually takes to the skin with each technique ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465209884.505521.jpg
  10. No not sweep but pat the brush onto the skin like you're blotting away access oil with a tissue.
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  11. I usually use my fingers and pat into my skin if I'm just wearing foundation, brows and lipstick. I also do not like the beauty blender. I will use brushes though when I'm making myself up for an evening out or special occasion. The brushes I have seem to blend the foundation and concealer in well. But I think I can do just as good a job with my fingers.
  12. I use my fingers to apply liquid concealer, and a brush or sponge with powder foundation depending on what kind of coverage I want. Never liked beauty blenders, they definitely eat a lot of product.
  13. I use my fingers or a beauty blender for liquid products and a brush for cream or powder products.
  14. I don't, I never got the fingers look down. (At least not without having to blend it all out anyway.)
  15. Yes! I get those brush strokes too! Which I end up having to use my fingers to smooth them out anyways, so I always end up back at using my fingers.
    I'm "old fashioned" too. LOL