Apples! Which kinds?

  1. I love eating apples... but right now I only eat Fuji. I've read somewhere that different apples have different nutritious benefits, so I wanted to see what other kind of apples are yummy! Does anyone think Fuji's are the best?
  2. I suggest: Braeburn, Gala and Pink Lady.
  3. I love Fuji apples too :biggrin:
    I've tried some other varieties like Pink Lady, Gala etc but I still keep coming back to Fuji.
  4. Pink Lady and Pippin are by far my favorites.

    I think nutritionally they are all the same.....
  5. I love Granny Smith! Yum! Which is quite weird because I hate green apple flavored stuff. :shrugs:
  6. I love honeycrisp apples. They have even been named the state apple of Minnesota and are very delicious!
  7. Honeycrisp and Pink Lady are the best! :yahoo:
  8. Fuji and Pink Lady are my favs!
  9. royal gala and green for me :smile: sometimes a mackintosh sometimes too
  10. Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and Gala are my fave apples--I eat one everyday!:tup:
  11. Fuji
  12. Pink lady and Honeycrisp!
  13. Fuji and Pink Lady! So good :smile: I hate Granny Smith..too soft. Good for pies though..and Macintosh I think?
  14. I like Fuji as well. Somehow it tastes sweeter to me than other varieties.
  15. Fuji is for me-ji :yes: