Appleguarde on cambon??HELP!

  1. hi hi..
    a balenciaga addict turn chanel newbie just bought a medium chanel pink/black cambon tote...
    was wondering whether it's ok if i sprayed appleguarde on the lovely bag??
    i might wanna use it often and don't want to get it dirty..
    any tips from the chanel experts??
    ps:where can i buy appleguarde?thanks!!!!!:flowers:
  2. I'm not sure I'd treat it to be honest. It feels more delicate than it is . . . I may rub some protector into it possibly, but not sure if I'd spray it.
  3. I would NOT spray the appleguarde rain/stain repellant on it.

    If/when it gets dirty you could use the appleguarde conditioner to clean it up a little, or take it to Chanel and have them clean it.:yes:
  4. ohh i see..thank you so much for the input ladies..much appreciated..
    will chanel clean the bags for free?
    where can i purchase the appleguarde conditioner or spray?
    thanks!!sorry for silly questions..
  5. I did spray Vectra on my white cambon messenger but don't know how it will do on pink.....
  6. I used Wilson's leather spray on my new super-soft caramel leather jacket and afterwords it felt and smelled the same. I don't think that any well-known brand would sell a spray that would hurt any type of leather- if I had a cambon I'd probably use my can of Wilsons- it goes on light and doesn't darken the material.
  7. I know Chanel has recommended Vectra spray for reissues. I would think it would be ok for Cambon. I did spray my beige/black cambon bag with Wilsons and it dried fine as well.
  8. I have used the apple conditioner and Vectra spray on my cambon large tote.
    It works great.
  9. I used the apple on my small pink and black cambon and it didn't seem like it darkened the leahter at all.
  10. Actually now that I recall, I once was caught in the rain with my beige/black cambon bag and when I got in the restaurant, I noticed the rain drops looked like blue ink marks (must be the material on the other side of the bag) But I freaked. I thought it was some sort of dirty rain or something that stained my bag. I kept wiping it with a napkin. It almost ruined my dinner, except that it finally dried and was ok, but I never wanted to see that sight again so that's when I sprayed it with Wilson spray to waterproof it. (and it was pretty new at the time, scary!)
  11. Yikes! Glad it dried.
  12. yupppppppp
    thank god it dried..
    thank you all for the advice..
    i'll try to get the wilsons, and everything else if someone would be kind enuff to tell me where i could get them?