1. OK, girls....

    I got that this is a leather protector / waterproofer???


    Now, is it the BEST one???

    Cause I have a few things that I MUST get something for.

    I have my new red Cowboy boots. My new Bob Mackie Cowgirl suede red and black jacket (with tons of fringe that makes me want to shake all the time....hehehe!!) And should probably do other things while I am at it.....

    My friend from Oregon - where obviously waterproofing is important ;) - told me about something called "Canadian something-or-other" and it comes in a dark brown and green bottle. I am going to google that now....

    However, it is just WEIRD that you guys mentioned this a couple of hours ago, because I have been thinking about this for the past two days!!! (I got my jacket on Wednesday :love: )

    Thanks for any help you can offer!! Again, I need this for a really soft leather pair of red Cowboy boots and a red/black suede jacket with LOTS of fringe.....not sure if it matters what the material is, because I have never had to deal with this before. I lived in California and when I did, I had my Dad to take care of any issues like this....LOL!!!

  2. I've used Shining Monkey and Scotchguard only. I've used Appleguarde Leather Care for leather bits of the purse. I don't like Scotchguard Fabric Protector cause you can't get that on the leather parts. It messes the leather up. I tried it and some got splattered on the leather part so I know. They do make a Leather Protector too but I don't know if that can touch non-leather parts (I would imagine so though). Some have tried Wilson's spray and have great reviews. Do a search and you'll find it.
  3. I use either Scotchguard or stuff from Wilson's Leather.

    However, I rarely treat my bags. LOL!
  4. Yeah, I believe Coach bags are all pretreated already.
  5. I have used the Apple Garde cleaner and conditioner on several bags. I had an incident with my Chloe and it really took care of a nasty stain that was already on the bag for over a week.
  6. That would be correct :yes:
  7. i have applegarde and its great! but the aerosoles waterproofer is just as good and the sprayer is more misty and even... more high tech i guess (for lack of a better term) :smile: