Appleguard....Is it for chickens??

  1. Okay, I have been wrestling with this for months! I am a BIG CHICKEN about using appleguard. My speedy is about 8 months old and I carry it every day. It is starting to really show some "black" under the handles even though I am very careful with my bag. My SA adamantly says to not touch it for a couple of years and then just use saddle soap. It is my "theory" that if I get the dirt off now and keep up with it, it won't get so dirty. Help, should I just try the dumb product or live like a chicken?? I just adore my bag and don't want to ruin it. Thanks guys, you are always so helpful!!

    i tried it on my Speedy 25, and it made the leather tabs attaching the handles to the bag darker. to this very day it's still like that. see here:

    use Shining Monkey. that's the best. it doesn't leave any stains or marks, and it dries very quickly
  3. I don't understand. Did she mean for you to put it up for two years and not use it?
  4. No, she meant use it but don't try to clean it at all until it has been used for a few years. I was not under the impression that shining monkey would "clean" just protect against water??
  5. oh you're right. i missed some of your post. some people here have tried baby wipes to clean their handles, and apparently it worked like a charm :yes:
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I see. I agree that you should try to get the dirt off now. Waiting doesn't make that much sense to me.
  7. i used APPLEGUARD on my denim baggy, it made the handle darker a little bit at first, but the next day morning, the leather returned to normal color, all dark spots were gone~!!!!
  8. I do not know what to tell you about cleaning your bag or using apple guard. I bought a speedy in May, and was totally freaking out about getting the handles dirty. So, I borrowed an idea from this board. I tie a scarf on the handles, and when I carry it, I make sure the scarf is wrapped around the handles. By doing this, my dirty hands are not in direct contact with the handles. Yes, I am also chicken about putting anything on my bags.
  9. Are you referring to the apple cleaner? If you want to keep your handles light, don't use it, the leather will darken.

    I use lexol leather wipes to clean my handles. Works great for surface dirt but I want to let you know that before I carry any of my bags, I spray them with either Wilson's leather protector or SM. I think the products give the leather a coating and actually keep the dirt from penetrating leather so the wipes work well to clean the surface dirt.

    I know others have had good success with baby wipes (pampers with aloe I think?) You can do a search for baby wipes and I'm sure you'll find several threads.
  10. I'd shinning monkey it instead. It leaves no residue or darkening of the vachetta leather.
  11. Yes I wouldnt use Applegarde CLEANER. The spray is fine, but the cleaner is not meant for vachetta. I actually prefer Wilson leather spray to the Applegarde because it dries faster and smells less strong. But either is fine.
  12. I would check with Lovin my Bags, they seem to know what they are talking about and have done some amazing restorations for some fellow members... They have a product for handles; I am waiting for my order to arrive shortly:yahoo: . I can let you know how well it works...:yes:
    You can contact them at
    Cautious is not chicken!!:girlsigh:
  13. Has anyone used wilsons leather cleaner on lv bags.
    I have this along with the spray, I am waiting for a noe to arrive and want to clean it up.
  14. WILSON and Applegard are the best shining Monkey is for CAR USE ONLY not a leather goods protector.
  15. Lexol seems to be the big thing here in NYC. A friend of mine that's in retail told me that she tells people to use it for their handbags b/c it doesn't damage the leather at all.

    I've asked like 5 different repair shops in NYC, like the leather goods repair shop on the 5th Ave E train stop, and their conclusions were to use Lexol because it's pretty much industry supported. BTW, that place handles alot of the repair requests for the big brands like Calvin Klein, LV, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Gucci, etc. up on 57th St and/or 5th Ave. so I trust them.

    I've also seen that people will use the leather conditioner from COACH as a great substitute, and it works perfectly as well. I think they sell it too. I'll have to check that one out.