Applegreen day pic-any apple

  1. Hi,
    Before I make a decision which color, I need some pics from you
    guys...does anyone have a pic of a applegreen day bag?
    :yahoo: I think I made my choice...almost:wlae:
  2. i know i've seen pics of an apple green day around here somewhere....did you try the "join the 'day' club" thread?
  3. [​IMG]

    Here she is.... 05 Apple Day:love:
  4. Soleil shes a beauty!
  5. Thanks hautecouture15:flowers:
  6. Oh my good-----I purchased!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    All the way from Italy...take a 190081623933

    I did not check if authentic, but some friends helped me, it
    should be ok-shipping is so high though....:confused1: what do
    you guys think-help?
  7. Wow congrats!
  8. YAAAAAAAAAAY !!:yahoo: I LOVE this color !!!:love: :love: :love: