1. Do you know where I can find this leather moisturizer? I did a search for it on Google, but found no sites where I could buy it. The only hits I got were people talking about it on this forum! *lol*

  2. Oooh! Thanks for the website!! Should I get the leather care or leather cleaner...??
  3. You can get an 8 oz. bottle of Apple Care for $7 or you can get a kit which includes
    the Apple Care and Apple Cleaner for $12. It is a great product.
  4. I'm seriously clueless when it comes to leather, so please forgive me... Would the Apple CLEANER be okay on the white leather Ali? I heard it's treated leather so it shouldn't be affected, but I just can't help but imagine cleaning the leather and all of a sudden having the white rub off, leaving me with a tan patch!! *lol*
  5. I have a white Ali and it does have transfer on it from wearing denim and a black jacket.
    I did not use the Applegarde conditioner until it happened. I then used it and was able to get most of the transfer out. I would definitely condition your White Ali with the Applegarde - it is a delicate product and won't hurt the Legacy leather.
  6. Thank you! Do you suggest I buy the cleaner as well the conditioner?
  7. I also got mine on :tup:
  8. I've heard that the apple leather cleaner was pretty harsh (never used it myself though), and, especially for light colors, you only need the conditioner (you can use the conditioner to clean small things).
    I also got the rain & stain guard--waterproofs bags and prevents denim transfer too. :tup:
    (ok now I sound like some commercial lol.. hope this helps!)
  9. girliceclimber: Hmmm. Okay, I should stick to the conditioner if it does clean small things... Is the rain and stain guard also from this Apple Leather brand?

    Thanks for your help everyone!!
  10. This is a really informative thread! Has anyone used the conditioner on the clay colored leather? Be/c that color is so light, scratches and stuff show up easily - I think one tPFer did mention she used it with success and the scratches rubbed out more easiliy after she used conditioner...but does anyone else have any experience with it on this shade of Legacy leather?
  11. Yeah!! All I own are signature items!! Every time I see leather items, in almost any color, they're all scratched up!! The clay Gigi on display at Macy's was horribly scratched up already!! I just want to make sure if I get something in leather, especially white, that I can take very good care of it!!
  12. All leather scuffs, the legacy's scratch noticeably except white and black. Apple Conditioner does help hide most scuffs. However, there isn't much you can do for any leather if it's a deep scratch that actually goes beneath the surface :sad: that's just the way it is. I have some deeper nail scratches on the underside of my straps, that get conditioned and less noticeable, but it doesn't remove it.

    I definately recommend a liberal conditioning before using the bag, it seems to help keep some soiling from "setting" into the leather. Water/liquids that get soaked into the leather may leave marks spots (except for black and white). When conditioner is applied it will have a wet look, but will dry to its natural color.

    To hide deeper scratches, you would need a waxy shoe polish to "color" the scratch, then warm/melt it into the leather (like an old fashion shoe shine boy) and then buff it, and condition it.
  13. I would hope my future leather bags wouldn't get scratched up, but obviously no one scratches their bags on purpose! I've always been a very careful person and all of my bags are in immaculate condition no matter how old they are (except my big Hamptons weekender that I throw around for work). I'll just make extra precautions not to walk near sharp things sticking out!!