Applecare and Legacy

  1. Could someone post a picture of their natural legacy bag after using applecare on it? I know my ali may need it but I'm kinda terrified to try it. Right now it's just sitting in the dustbag because I don't have the heart to use it.
  2. I gotta tell you, I drenched Natural Ali with Applegard and it does not change it, however, I dribbled beer down the front of it at our County Fair and that left dribble spots. I applied more Applegard and let it soak in, it is slightly darker but even. It's so slight that it's hard to photograph. But nothing keeps me from using my Ali's. I also expect over time natural, whiskey and brown Legacy's will change and gain their "patina." It's a shame to not enjoy it!
  3. Thanks Etheos! Would you mind posting a photo of your Natural Ali post drenching? I know it needs to be protected, I just don't know what to do with it. I think I got an especially light colored Ali for some reason.

  4. This is my Coach collection and I used Appleguard on the Clay bag...the color looks exactly the same but it does help the scratches rub out more easily.

  5. I used Applecare for the first time on my whiskey Ali on Thursday. :tup: I fell in love with the bag after using it for one week and wanted to protect it as much as possible. Plus, many ladies on tPF said it would help with rubbing out scratches. My bag turned out AMAZING after using it. It soaked up a lot of the moisturizer and after buffing it out, the leather seems softer and even more beautiful. Don't be scared! Just think of what that leather went through before it was made into your bag!

    Do be careful with the lining though. My legacy lining briefly touched the leather when it was still wet with conditioner and a small amount of the whiskey color transferred to a white stripe on the lining :wtf:. It wasn't very noticeable (except to me!), but thanks again to advice from tPF, I used a baby wipe and the color wiped right off.

    These boards are the best!
  6. Does anyone know if conditioning will help keep a white Ali from picking up color transfer?

  7. Oh it looks lovely! Thanks for the photos. I think I'm going to place an order!


  8. Nope, it sure won't!! The white Ali will still get color transfer. I moisturized mine prior to use yet the back of mine is light gray now from having worn a black shirt. I tried using the moisturizer as a "cleaner" but it did SQUAT.
  9. I just love the clay color in this picture!:heart: Great collection
  10. I dunno, Ladies...I have been told not to do anything to Legacy says on the instruction card and the sales associates also say not to add anything. When I want mine cleaned I take it to a Coach store. I would not want to void the warranty or do anything to harm the long-term life of the bag.
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