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  4. She's cute, but what's up with her eyebrows? It looks like they're drawn on. It looks a little creepy.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking she was playing dress up or something.
  6. She's cute
  7. cute! i just hope she doesn'yt carry her father's chest hair LOL
  8. ahhh what a super cutie :smile:

    she sure is growing up fast
  9. granny looks cool too lol, I love Blythe, she seems fab.
  10. Is that a new LV bag Blythe carrying?!:graucho: ROFLMAO!!!:lol:

    Apple is SO CUTE!!!:love:
  11. Awww, she's so cute. I was wondering about the eyebrows too, she's still adorable.
  12. yeah what is up with her brows?
  13. The brows makes her look like an old, mean woman.
  14. ^ITA!lol

    however, she grows up so fast!!she's cute:smile:
  15. :roflmfao:

    Doesen't look like leather though. I'm one of those who think that people will actually see the difference IRL.