Tech Apple watch hermes question

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  1. I'm curious. Imagine you had a double wrap hermes apple watch would you work out with it? Sweating and leather is amybe not the best combination?
  2. my friend has this in the tan and it has aged BEAUTIFULLY! i am so jealous...i am waiting until the next launch though, because i know a new version is coming out soon.

    if it was in the beginning and i know what i know now, i'd definitely take the plunge and get it.

    she wears it all the time and gets it dirty but wipes right off...and still has a beautiful brown patina...

    i really hope they'll continue the double wrap for apple watch 2...
  3. When do they launch the new one? I love the double wrap but now i will wait till the launch 😉 I really hope they will keep the double wrap

  4. I have a double tour Hermes watch and would not recommend working out with it. The bands are easily interchangeable and so I would recommend changing them to a sport band when working out.
  5. It should be sometime in this coming Fall, it suppose to be more independent from the iPhone i heard.
  6. I bit the bullet and pre-ordered the new double tour. I'm pretty excited as this is my first iPhone/Apple Watch. I love that it also will include the orange sport strap so I can have some variety.
  7. It's your first iPhone and Watch? Congrats! Please update us on how you like it when you get them!
  8. It's nice that Apple will include the orange sport strap is Too.