Apple Watch Bands

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  1. My boyfriend recently gifted me an Apple Watch series 4 for our anniversary! It is my first smart watch, and I’m so in love with it. I would love to see what bands everyone else wears!
    My band colour is Vintage Rose. IMG_8169.jpg
  2. Here is my most recent, rose pink links.
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  3. Congrats on both your anniversary and anniversary gift. I really want the new Apple Watch but I’m trying to decide if I can justify another $800 for a tech watch that will be old technology when the next one is released a few months later. With that being said, I think I still may get one.

    From left to right, rose pink link band ( eBay), silver stainless steel link band ( eBay), silver stainless steel Milanese loop (came with the watch from Apple), rose pink Milanese loop (eBay), and for ****s and giggles protective bumper in rose gold (Zagg).
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  4. That logic is quite weird. I mean most watch technology is old and constantly being updated. As long as the watch works and has the functionality you expected when you bought it, what difference does it make that a new one had been released...
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  5. Hi
    Have a question for you, how do you find loop vs link band? My Apple Watch 4 came with the standard strap in white but want to purchase either one of the above. Is stainless steel link heavy and bulky in comparison to flat Milanese loop? Which one’s more comfortable to wear as an everyday strap?
  6. It may be “weird” to you, but makes perfect sense to me. The key term was “tech watch”. I have a Rolex DJ that I’ve worn for years, no need to update unless I want to change styles because it just tells time. However, because the Apple Watch utilizes technology (like phones) they become obsolete (like phones) because we seek the “newest” technology.
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  7. Hi! Honestly, I love both for very different reasons. The link band is heavier than my Milanese loop but it isn’t any less comfortable to wear. I usually prefer the link for a more casual vibe and the Milanese Loop for dressier occasions. The rose pink is a “dupe” for my Apple Milanese loop that I bought on eBay, it isn’t as comfortable to wear due to the mesh links kind of catching on things and not being quite as smooth. The silver link from eBay is excellent quality and is super comfy to wear daily. HTH!!!
  8. Here’s mine white sports and I really like it!
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  9. Thank you!
    I’m trying to purchase the original Apple link or loop but via eBay. I also considered dupes but then you’ve kind of confirmed my hesitations due to the quality of dupes. My Apple Watch is mainly a workout tracker but once I manage to change bands I’m going to wear it all the time I think.
  10. Beautiful! Is that a 4? I just ordered mine, but it doesn’t ship until December.
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  11. I’ve never tried the Apple link band, but my silver Apple Milanese Loop is so beautifully made. I don’t think you can go wrong with either!
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  12. Yes and it’s a silver aluminium. Originally purchased a rose gold but changed for silver which is more ‘my style’ :smile:
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  13. I ordered the 40mm stainless steel in gold with matching Milanese loop to replace my current 42mm silver stainless steel with Milanese loop, I can’t wait to get it!
  14. The gold ss is beautiful, congrats!:tup:
  15. Thank you. It sounds silly, but I’m most excited about the full coverage screens on the new watch!
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