Apple Red Vernis Color - Release Date for Canada?

  1. 2007 is here. I'm thinking I need have a LV wallet. :yahoo:
    (and my 1002th Post for 2007 ;) )

    Sorry if someone has posted the answer to my below questions somewhere else.

    Question 1: What is the release date for Canada, specifically when will Hotel Vancouver have the wallets?

    Question 2: Should I call and be on a wait list to see wallets?

    Question 3: Which wallet should I buy? (I like the Koala and French Purse - I kinda quit looking at PTI's, and I like the Zippy Organizer mainly for the zipper lol).

    Question 4: Any other suggestions of wallets? I only seen a Pochette Groom Wallet IRL, but didn't fall in love with it. I seen MC Koala wallet on display, it was beautiful. Should I go for MC since I love MC? Then I'll have to decide on the color of that lol. I also seen beautiful indigo wallets I love this color.

    Help me imagine the best wallet for inside my Mono Speedy. Please note, I don't plan on buying another wallet, unless I have to have it lol. So I sort of want one that will be beautiful for awhile. Has anyone had a vernis wallet for at least a few years, and still looks good? My next purse I want this wallet to also fit into would be the MC Petit Noe, and MC Alma or Mono Alma.

    Is it bad I buy something without seeing it IRL? Anyone ever do this? Seeing a pic was good enough for you to order one? :confused1: I love how the new color is so deep and rich, and sparkles. :love:

    I hope I have not asked too many questions, or made this post too long. :shame:
  2. hmmm good q. I don't know yet, but I'm gonna go on Jan 3, cuz well today's New Years and tomorrow Ogilvy's closed. Vancouver should have the same release date as anywhere else in Canada...

    Waitlist: call if you know your store is always low on stock and that there's a lot of customers. I personally rarely call cuz Montreal's not busy at all (except once for the leopard scarf which made me go on wild goose chase...sheeesh lol)

    Wallet: I like the FP, but that's just me. As for MC, I recently sold my MC FP to a friend. I liked it, but never really found much use for it and it was always left at home. I rarely use wallets cuz I'm a student and I try to carry the LEAST possible, so I double my agenda as a wallet. However, if you like the MC one, go for it! The inside is coated so no worries about dirty virgin leather lol. Good luck!:biggrin:
  3. CEC.LV4eva - thanks for your reply. Is it Jan 1, or Feb 1? That's what I'm not sure. :smile: About the wallet - I think the MC will rub off faster on a wallet than a purse, as it will mainly be used a lot. So I don't know how much it will rub off, and I wonder if I will like it as much after awhile. This is what got me thinking about when I seen the Groom. But I still love MC even though I know this. Its so pretty.
  4. the pti will fit with out an issue. I guess it all depends on what you carry in your wallet.
    I'm not sure of the new vernis pti's will have 10 c/card slots like the new mono pti's.
    In any event, I think the new red vernis will look hot with all the bags you're planning.
  5. Thanks Bag Fetish for your reply. I like the Koala for the amount of card holders it has. And I'll definitely have to consider the PTI again. It might be a good wallet for me. Since I sort of want a change from a folded style wallet.
    I'm going back to and to check out wallet pics again. :yes: To help me more about what wallet I want.
  6. I htink some PFers here already got it on Jan 1, but this is the states. Canada may be a few days late...dunno, I will PM you on Jan 3 (latest, Jan 4), or if I forget just PM me and knock on my head:sweatdrop:
  7. My next question:
    How does a Koala look with cards in it? ;)

    Can anyone can show me how their's looks? I went to the LV Clubhouse, but no one had pics of cards within the wallet, and I couldn't see where the ID part of the Wallet looks like. I like that about the Koala, is how it has the ID place for ID. I usually show travel, and do this to my current wallet, I don't like taking any cards out of my wallet unless I have to use it like a credit card or debit card.

    I got my name down for this wallet - incase the LV Holt Renfrew receives one of these wallets.